Liberals Lose it as RFK Jr. Announces Choice for VP Running Mate

Kennedy’s Surprising VP Pick: A Conservative Delight

The political stage is abuzz after recent revelations concerning the infamous Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who, in an unexpected turn of events, unveiled the identity of his vice-presidential candidate. This surprise move has set the wheels of consternation in motion within the Democratic camp, prompting an intense backlash from party members. This iconic figure, whose surname is interwoven with Democratic history and legacy, boldly claimed his independence, veering from the party platform, and choosing Nicole Shanahan, an accomplished lawyer and technology business pioneer, as his running-mate.

This unexpected announcement has not been received well by party members, with many in the Democratic side escalating their assaults on his candidacy. Kennedy’s decision has led to considerable disarray within the party; party members fearing the worst—insiders remark that this is their ‘worst nightmare come true’. The uproar is palpable to all who are witnessing it—a notable departure from the regal silence often associated with such matters.

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Matt Keelen, a key figure in the political strategy landscape and principal of The Vogel Group, chimes in on Kennedy’s transformation from a respected figure within the Democratic family tree to an object of scorn from the very party his family name helped build. Keelen’s comments seem to depict an Affection for Kennedy’s audacious departure, remarking on how ironic it is that this esteemed Democrat offspring was practically ousted from the very party that has drawn heavily from the Kennedy legacy.

In less than a fortnight since Kennedy stepped into the limelight of presidential candidacy, unveiling Shanahan as his VP, he became a favored target for criticism from a party he once revered. This announcement also led to an urgent conference call hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It became apparent to wide-eyed observers that a state of trepidation had engulfed the party’s leadership.

Austin Davis, the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, was amongst those rallying the troops. His words on the call were an unmistakable proclamation of unwanted disruption from Kennedy: ‘He’s a spoiler’, Davis said, detailing the concerted efforts of the party towards re-election of Biden and Harris.

In tandem with these occurrences, reports have emerged indicating that internal Democratic composure has been shaken by the increasing recognition and support for Kennedy’s candidacy, which has been steadily climbing the ladder, appearing on more state ballots. It’s apparent that the party is on high alert, with fear and concern over Kennedy’s rising popularity.

Adding to the drama, on St. Patrick’s Day, members of the Kennedy clan were pictured alongside President Biden at the White House. Various interpretations have been shared interpreting this gathering. Some insinuate it as a subtle nudge at Kennedy’s choice to stride away from the party lines.

Furthermore, Democratic strategists have ramped up their online activities, ostensibly seeking to undermine Kennedy’s credibility. They stoop so low as to attempt to associate him with former President Donald Trump, aiming to potentially tarnish his appeal.

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Lis Smith, a prominent Democratic strategist known for her contribution to Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 campaign, has played a frontline role in the online offensive, accusing Shanahan of securing her VP nomination through hefty donations rather than on the basis of merit. This has fueled significant chatter on social media, adding to the contentious climate.

Remarkably, polls suggest a complicated scenario. Data indicates that Kennedy, in tandem with independent candidate Dr. Cornel West and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, could siphon off an appreciable portion of both Trump and Biden’s potential votes.

Matt Keelen also points to a glaring neglect on the part of the Biden administration to provide Kennedy with Secret Service protection. He censures the administration for this oversight, especially given the history of violent threats faced by the Kennedy family members.

The Democrats’ ardor to sideline Kennedy does not align with their stated objective of upholding democracy and its principles. Indeed, it appears their actions bespeak duplicity.

Marc Lotter, a former special assistant to the president, has echoed this sentiment, expressing his disappointment in the Democrats’ handling of Kennedy’s candidacy. He equates their treatment of Kennedy to recent court-based operations targeting Donald Trump, another notable figure who has faced similar stonewalling.

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