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As Trump Trials Remain Major Focus, Hunter Biden Could Be Facing Multiple Felonies

Manhattan Court Showdown: Trump and Biden Jr., Justice to Prevail!

In the bustling city of Manhattan, a trial of unprecedented proportions is taking place—the first ever criminal trial of a former president. A short distance to the south, another high-stakes court drama is about to unfold. As summer approaches, President Joe Biden’s own son is set to face felony charges. The outcome of these trials could send a shockwave through the political landscape, potentially impacting the 2024 election.

For quite some time now, the Manhattan court has served as a stronghold of Trump’s post-presidential activities. His frequent interactions with the press in the courthouse corridors have served as regular fodder for media headlines. Throughout the duration of the trial, he remains a silent spectator, due to a judicially imposed gag order that stifles his characteristic public responses to accusations flung his way.

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On the national stage, Trump’s trial has captured much attention due to salacious witness revelations. The stakes are being raised even higher by a somewhat ambiguous primary charge. This has led many observers to question the intentions of Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is at the helm of the proceedings. Simultaneously, Hunter Biden is preparing to face his own judicial reckoning with felony gun charges in the coming month.

In private conversations, various confidants of President Biden expressed their concern to Politico about the potential impact of the trial on the President’s psyche. Some indicated that the Commander-in-Chief harbors fears that his son may ultimately face prison time. ‘The President’s concern for Hunter is a constant presence in his daily routine, from daybreak to nightfall,’ reported one source. ‘This concern will only escalate as his trial progresses.’

Hunter Biden’s efforts to delay the start of his trial until September were recently thwarted by the presiding judge. His legal team made the case that finding expert witnesses willing to brave the potential backlash of testifying has proven challenging. Nevertheless, Judge Maryellen Noreika remained unsympathetic. She indicated that it is not her responsibility to manage the legal team’s scheduling difficulties.

Furthering Hunter Biden’s troubles, a federal appeals court has dismissed his petition to drop the federal gun charges set forth by special counsel David Weiss. This marks a significant turning point, ensuring that the trial in Wilmington, Delaware, will commence as planned on June 3.

Hunter Biden was indicted last September on three felony counts relating to allegations of dishonesty on firearm purchase documents and illegal possession of a firearm as a drug abuser. The charges carry steep penalties, with the potential for a decade-long sentence for the first and third infractions, and up to five years for the second.

The charges emerged following the disintegration of a plea deal which would have allowed Biden to plead guilty to two lesser tax misdemeanors and enter a diversion program for one of the felony gun charges. Judge Noreika took exception to the immunity clause integrated into the diversion deal. Hunter’s legal representation argued that the agreement wasn’t contingent on the court accepting the lesser plea.

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Additionally, Biden’s defense has put forth the argument of ‘selective and vindictive prosecution’ based on his familial and political ties. This line of reasoning parallels former President Trump’s defense in his own federal classified documents case. Prosecutors, however, have opposed this claim by asserting that the charges are a consequence of Hunter’s actions, not a politically motivated attack.

Hunter’s legal team has also contested the constitutionality of the gun charges. They reference a 2022 Supreme Court ruling in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen case, contending that gun laws should be in line with the country’s ‘historic tradition’ of firearm regulation. Yet, Judge Noreika rejected this argument and refused to dismiss the case on those grounds.

Back in April, another federal judge dismissed Hunter Biden’s motion to dismiss tax evasion charges filed against him in California by special counsel Weiss. Abbe Lowell, Hunter’s attorney, hinted that they may seek a review of the appeal court’s refusal to dismiss the case.

‘Upon analyzing the panel’s decision, we believe the issues involved are of profound significance. We believe additional review of our request is warranted,’ Lowell stated, according to NBC News. The decision can potentially be challenged in the Supreme Court or the full Third Circuit.

It is now a situation of waiting for the gavel to drop. The two trials, miles apart, are seen as pivotal points in the lead-up to the 2024 election. The outcomes hold potential political ramifications that could change the political landscape dramatically. How the scales of justice will eventually tilt, is a question that remains unanswered.


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