Leftists Hackers Say They Downloaded All of Parler’s User Data!

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Parler Is Removed From the App Store, Google Play, But Leftist Hackers Say They Downloaded
Everything First Parler has reportedly been hacked by a group of far leftist democrats. Parler is currently offline, but not before a hacker, that goes by the name of @donk_enby on Twitter, was reportedly able to archive almost

all of the information that was publicly available on Parler. The hacker claims that they will be using the
information as a tool for federal investigators to track down people who may have been inciting, and
planning violence through Parler. Many Parler users fear that the hackers could have gained access to
their private information; such as their email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers.
According to the alleged hacker, @donk_enby, “Since a lot of people seem confused about this detail and
there is a bull**** Reddit post going around: only things that were available publicly via the web were
archived. I don’t have your email address, phone or credit card number. Unless you posted it yourself on
We can’t know what to believe from this random Twitter account. What we do know is that it’s advised to
change any passwords that are the same or similar to your Parler account’s password as a precaution.
Parler CEO, John Matze Jr., has denied these claims and says they are simply “viral misinformation”
spread by the people who are “obsessed” with his free speech alternative to Twitter.


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