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LeBron James Chooses Son’s USC Debut Over Playing in Lakers’ Game

LeBron to Attend Son Bronny’s USC Debut Despite Lakers’ Schedule

Independent of his busy schedule with the Lakers, LeBron James is determined to attend his eldest son Bronny’s inaugural USC match. Following a defeat of 133-110 by the Oklahoma City Thunder on a recent Thursday, LeBron affirmed his commitment to reporters, stating he would be present for Bronny’s Trojan’s debut regardless of potentially clashing Lakers’ games.

LeBron’s excited anticipation for his son’s first appearance on the court was apparent, as he said ‘When he gets the green light and is ready for his first match, I’ll be there. I’ve made my intentions clear to my team – if we happen to have a game on the same day, they’ll have to proceed without me until the next game.’

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After a six-month hiatus following a cardiac arrest incident during a practice session in July, Bronny was reported fit for a comeback to the court on Thursday. The 19-year-old Lakers legend’s son is currently a freshman at the University of Southern California (USC) and is projected to be eligible for the 2024 draft.

LeBron took a moment to reflect on the Lakers’ performance, as they participated with an undermanned team in the recent defeat against the Oklahoma City side. When asked about the team’s current position and output, LeBron seemed unsure, offering the response, ‘I cannot exactly pinpoint where we stand. We lack a good ensemble currently. I only have a grasp of individuals’ roles.’

The match had seen the Lakers leading by 14 points in the initial quarter, but the tide shifted in the next, with the Thunder roaring back. The Oklahoma City players managed to outperform the Lakers 42-23 in the second quarter, achieving a 72-60 lead by the time halftime arrived.

With respect to the Lakers’ current statistics for the season, they hold a record of 11 wins and 9 losses. More significantly, the Lakers’ performance against teams with records above .500 is at 5-9, revealing a challenging trend the team will need to address going forward.

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