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Mother of Four-Year-Old Tragically Killed in Queens’ Shooting

Late Night Shooting in Queens Leaves Woman Dead, Man Injured

A distressing incident unfolded late Tuesday night on 127th Street and Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, where a group of three unidentified gunmen critically disrupted a black Honda sedan.

Inside the vehicle was 28-year-old Clarisa Burgos seated in the front passenger seat, and a 39-year-old unnamed male driver, both becoming sudden shooting targets. A single bullet tragically struck Clarisa in the head, causing her instantaneous death, while the driver suffered multiple wounds, as reported by the local law enforcement.

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Gothamist revealed that Clarisa Burgos was the mother of a young four-year-old boy, who is now faced with an unimaginable loss. The grim scene unfolded as captured on security footage acquired by The Post. The video shows three individuals, two of them clad in dark garments, the third pacing nonchalantly on the sidewalk near the car.

In the harrowing footage, one of the assailants is seen making the first move by drawing out a firearm and consecutively firing bullets into the car’s driver’s window, all while his companion provides cover by shooting from the rear. The man walking by casually near the vehicle suddenly transformed into the third assailant, ruthlessly firing additional shots.

Despite suffering gunshot injuries, the brave driver attempted to apply acceleration and escape the terrifying scenario. The third attacker, previously seen around the car, charges forward from his sidewalk position to send a barrage of bullets through the windshield and the driver’s window. Following this aggressive onslaught, all three shooters disappear from the scene.

In the ensuing moments, the victims’ car visibly struggles, briefly becoming stationary in the heart of the street before successfully starting the journey once again. Despite his severe injuries, the wounded driver exhibited tremendous courage by driving towards NYPD’s 103rd Precinct stationhouse, situated an estimated 2.5 miles away.

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Reaching the stationhouse shortly before the stroke of midnight, the wounded driver conveyed the chilling tale of the assault to the police, ensuring they were informed of both Clarisa’s tragic end and his own injuries caused by the shooting.

The driver, astoundingly, was found to have sustained multiple bullet injuries, a total of six, and was immediately tended to by the Emergency Medical Services team. He was then transported to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where medical professionals evaluated his condition as stable despite the gravity of the incident.

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Police officials at the scene declared Clarisa as deceased. As of Wednesday evening, the assailants behind this violent and deathly assault remain unidentified and unapprehended, leaving the whole situation shrouded in uncertainty and mystery.

The horrendous shooting has left several questions unanswered, including the motives behind such a brutal act. No apparent motive for the attack has been disclosed by the law enforcement officials as of yet, adding yet another layer of complexity to this case.

Additionally, the precise connection or relationship between the driver and Clarisa Burgos at the time of the incident is yet to be discerned. The information available does not provide a clear picture of their association, leaving room for further investigations.


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