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Lamar Jackson Set to Win Coveted NFL MVP Crown After Dolphins Performance

Jackson’s Domination Sets Stage for Likely MVP Honor

The race for the cherished Most Valuable Player award in the National Football League (NFL) seems to be in the bag. Lamar Jackson, after toggling between various rank positions on the oddsboard for weeks, has staked his claim as the indispensable MVP of the league.

With an awe-inspiring performance that dominated a victory against the Dolphins, Jackson stands at -20000 to clinch the MVP crown, according to an update from FanDuel Sportsbook. During this anticipated match, Jackson, the renowned quarterback of the Ravens, delivered an outstanding game potentially marking the zenith of his six-season-long NFL journey.

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Exhibiting precision and discipline, Jackson completed 18 out of his total 21 attempts from the air, covering an impressive 321 yards, along with a triumphant five-touchdown score. This spectacular achievement earned him a spotless passer, for only the third time during his sports career. This result led to an impressive Ravens’ victory over Miami with a crushing 56-19 scoreline, registering their second impactful victory within the past fortnight.

This resounding victory reshaped the AFC’s top seed in favor of the Ravens with just a week left in the regular season. The team’s current standing at 13-3 stands testament to their superior performance. Despite dealing with numerous injuries plaguing their offensive lineup, under Jackson’s able leadership, the Ravens have managed to secure the best record within NFL until now.

Reaching Week 18, Jackson’s stats are impressive. He’s set a personal best in his career, covering a total of 3,678 yards with a commendable 67.2 completion rate. Further adding to his roster are the 29 touchdowns he has previously scored (24 through passing and five due to rushing).

The odds of any other player surpassing Jackson to grab the MVP award appear lean. Notably, Dak Prescott (+1600), Brock Purdy (+2500), and Josh Allen (+3000) are the only contenders with odds superior to 50/1. It’s intriguing that Jackson started off the season with fairly decent odds (+1400) at the Caesars Sportsbook while aiming at the MVP honor.

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Just a fortnight ago, being at +500, Jackson followed Brock Purdy closely from the 49ers, the only quarterback ahead of him at the time. If you’re considering placing bets on the NFL, you should peruse our holistic guide. Additionally, inspect our list of the best NFL betting platforms and stay abreast with the most recent Super Bowl 2023 Odds. You might find the BetMGM Bonus Code quite handy.

Following an assertive 33-19 victory over San Francisco on the special day of Christmas, Jackson skyrocketed to the favourite’s position. In the upcoming Week 18, given the Ravens have nothing strategically significant to play for, Jackson might not appear on the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Unless a groundbreaking performance emerges from one of Jackson’s rivals and turns the tables, irrespective of the outcome during the last weekend of the NFL’s regular season, Jackson is poised to secure his second MVP honor.


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