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WATCH: Kid Rock to Anheuser-Busch: ‘Leave Our Frickin’ Kids Out of It’

Resilient Kid Rock Unveils His ‘Uncancelable’ Stance Amid Bud Light Controversy


Robert James Ritchie, known widely as Kid Rock, who had the privilege of sharing company with former President Trump at the prominent UFC 287 event, shared details of an enlightening discussion he had with Brendan Whitworth, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch.

His interactions with Whitworth were a response to the harsh criticism that the establishment’s leading brand, Bud Light, experienced after deciding to align with transgender influence, Dylan Mulvaney.

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It’s interesting to note that Kid Rock had an integral role in the ensuing boycott activities. A captivating video display of his blasting through several cases of Bud Light gained considerable attention on social media platforms.

In capturing the essence of Rock’s resilience, he emphasized to Sean Hannity on Fox News that his stature is ‘uncancelable,’ referring to the nature of cancel culture currently making waves in society. Importantly, he also clarified that his interests and motivations are not tied to any corporate forces.

He reflected on his decision years ago, acknowledging his blessings and the success accrued through hard work, even at an age as young as 25, promising that he wouldn’t refrain from expressing his opinions.

Kid Rock further elaborated that Anheuser-Busch experienced a significant decline in their customer base as a consequence of linking up with Mulvaney. In turn, this had detrimental impacts on the regular distributors and drivers associated with the company, who had no influence over the company’s marketing directions. Those ordinary workers, he asserted, found themselves caught in the middle of a situation they never instigated or desired.

Relaying the tale of his interaction at the UFC match, Rock recounts how he came to learn about Whitworth’s presence there. Amid the spectacle of the match, standing alongside the much-admired former President, he was notified that none other than the head of Anheuser-Busch was directly behind him.

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Kid Rock also incorporated a sentiment of respect for the value of individual perspective and freedom of expression. Highlighting the sacrifices made by countless Americans for the right to hold differing viewpoints, he acknowledged that it was fully within Anheuser-Busch’s discretion to determine the course of their marketing strategy.

Reflecting on his typical interactions with unfamiliar individuals, Rock conveyed his outlook as being, ‘I’m cool with you,’ believing that this is a sentiment shared by the majority of people. However, asserting his strong boundaries, he noted any attempts to negatively influence youth would be crossing a line that would evoke a serious response from him.

He firmly expressed that introducing contentious issues to children is a move that could potentially invite discord and animosity. Kid Rock firmly insists, ‘But as soon as you bring our kids into this, that’s where we’re going to bring hatred into it. Leave our frickin’ kids out of it.’ His entire dialogue with Hannity can be viewed below:

In a report confirmed earlier by the DC Enquirer, the UFC 287 had a surprise line-up of celebrities and personalities in attendance. Among the notable figures were Kid Rock, icon Dana White, renowned boxer Mike Tyson, esteemed conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, and 45th U.S. President Donald Trump. The appearance of this ensemble at Madison Square Garden in New York City was an unexpected treat for the fans.

The former President’s entrance into the venue triggered an euphoric reaction from the spectators. The cheers and applause echoed throughout Madison Square Garden showing their appreciation for the Republican stalwart.

The crowd acknowledged Trump, whose entrance to UFC 287 led to echoing chants of ‘USA! USA!’ reverberating around the venue. The 45th President, despite facing a string of legal challenges in various jurisdictions, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Fulton County, Georgia, and Florida, continues to receive a warm reception from the public.


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