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WATCH: Kentucky Police Rescue Woman Chained to the Floor Inside A House

Arrest Made in Disturbing Kidnapping Case in Louisville


In a recent incident in Louisville, the local police department unveiled body camera footage that documents the heroic rescue of a woman who was found in distress, chained to the floor inside a house. The distressing cries for help from the woman had alerted concerned neighbors, prompting them to contact the authorities.

On the 16th of August, officers arrived at the two-story house on Bolling Avenue, where their initial attempts to enter were thwarted, as all ground floor entry points had been barricaded by an unknown party. After receiving assistance from helpful neighbors, the officers utilized a ladder to access a shattered window on the second floor.

With the aid of the ladder, the officers gained entry to the residence, discovering a deeply unsettling sight. The woman, who had been desperately calling for help, had a chain tightly wrapped around her neck, secured with a padlock.

The other end of the chain was fastened to the floor, effectively imprisoning her. Trapped in this horrific manner, she was not alone. Within the room, officers located a hatchet, which they promptly employed to free the woman from her restraints. Once liberated, the officers safely escorted her out of the house.


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Firefighters, who had been summoned to the scene, utilized bolt cutters to remove the chain from around the woman’s neck. This act brought an end to her torment, while simultaneously marking the beginning of the search for answers. Just two days after the successful rescue operation, the authorities apprehended a suspect believed to be tied to the case.

Moises May, a 36-year-old individual, was taken into custody and charged with multiple offenses including kidnapping, assault, terroristic threatening, intimidating a participant in a legal process, wanton endangerment, and harassment.

In an interview with the local news station, the victim of this horrific incident, Joanna Wilson, spoke about the traumatic experiences she endured. Wilson disclosed that May, her estranged boyfriend and the father of her child, had subjected her to further anguish.

Upon seizing control, May coerced her into removing her clothes, before proceeding to cut her hair with a machete, leaving her in a state of sheer terror. His threats extended to include the prospect of ending her life, instilling profound fear within her.

Fate dealt Wilson a cruel hand, confining her to the house where May held her captive for a distressing duration of approximately five hours, until the timely arrival of the authorities.

Throughout this harrowing ordeal, Wilson was forcibly confined, her freedom entirely stripped away. Compounding her ordeal, the house in which she was chained had previously served as her residence, as she and May had once shared it together.

It is commendable that the prompt response of concerned neighbors and the swift actions of the officers involved culminated in the liberation of the victim. The harrowing footage captured on the officers’ body cameras illuminates the nature of Wilson’s predicament, as well as the bravery displayed by those involved in her rescue.

The unsettling circumstances serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilant communities working in tandem with law enforcement, ensuring the safety and well-being of every member of society.

Incidents such as this demand immediate attention and action, underlining the urgent need for collaborative efforts in combating crime. As the details of this heinous act unfold, it is imperative to recognize the resilience and strength demonstrated by survivors like Wilson. Their courage serves as an inspiration while galvanizing communities to stand against the horrors of violence and abuse.

The case involving Joanna Wilson and Moises May stands as a testament to the vigilance of neighbors who heeded the pleas for help, as well as the professionalism and determination of the Louisville Metro Police Department. Their coordinated efforts exemplify the power of unity when confronting adversity head-on, offering hope for a future where no person needs to suffer in silence.

Instances where individuals find themselves entrapped in abusive relationships necessitate comprehensive support systems that empower victims to escape the clutches of their tormentors.

It is incumbent upon society to provide resources and assistance, ensuring access to protective measures and legal avenues that prevent such despicable acts from recurring.

Addressing the aftermath of these traumatic experiences is an essential part of the journey towards healing and rebuilding a shattered life. Organizations dedicated to helping survivors, such as counseling services and shelters, play a pivotal role in restoring a sense of security and promoting emotional well-being.

Collaborative initiatives between law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals, and community-based organizations can create a robust safety net for survivors of abuse.

Furthermore, it is crucial to raise awareness and educate individuals about early warning signs and red flags that may indicate an abusive relationship, both for those directly involved and for those in their social circles. By fostering an open dialogue, challenging victim-blaming ideologies, and promoting empathy and understanding, society can work towards eradicating the root causes of abuse.

This appalling incident highlights the desperate need for a collective effort to prevent incidents of this nature. It serves as a clarion call to communities everywhere to remain vigilant, encouraging them to support initiatives that combat domestic violence and provide a support system for victims. Together, we can build a safer society where no person lives in perpetual fear.

In the pursuit of justice, it is imperative for legal institutions to diligently investigate cases involving abuse, ensuring perpetrators are held accountable for their heinous acts. By prioritizing the safety and well-being of victims, the legal system can contribute to breaking the cycle of violence and providing a sense of closure for survivors.

The resilience exhibited by individuals like Joanna Wilson, who emerge from the clutches of their abusers, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

It is crucial that their stories are shared and heard, to raise awareness, mobilize communities, and inspire action to prevent further instances of abuse. By amplifying the voices of survivors, their experiences can serve as a catalyst for change, shining a light on the dark corners where abuse festers.

The treatment that Joanna Wilson endured under the hands of Moises May is a chilling reminder of the dangers faced by victims of domestic violence. It serves as a stark call to action, urging society to address this pervasive issue and strive for a compassionate and safe environment for all.

There is a collective responsibility to offer unwavering support to survivors like Joanna Wilson, ensuring they are given the means to rebuild their lives and reclaim their sense of self.

By working together to challenge and dismantle systems that perpetuate abuse, we pave the way for a future defined by empathy, strength, and genuine human connection.

As we reflect on these disturbing events, let us remember the indomitable spirit of resilience that defines survivors. By acknowledging their strength, raising our voices against abuse, and fostering compassion within society, we can create a world where instances like the one endured by Joanna Wilson become a thing of the past.

In the wake of this harrowing incident, it is vital to extend our support not only to the victim but also to the officers involved in the rescue operation. These brave individuals put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and well-being of others, underscoring the profound impact that acts of courage can have on every facet of society.


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