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Former Pentagon Official Says Dems Losing Narrative on January 6th

Patel: Trump Cleared for National Guard Dispatch, Dems’ Jan. 6 Claims Falter

Kash Patel, a notable defense official in the Trump administration, recently voiced his opinion that the Democrat’s portrayal of the events of Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol as an ‘insurrection’ is gradually losing its footing, as reported by The Epoch Times. Patel, who not only served as a national security adviser to President Trump, but also as an essential witness before Pelosi’s Jan. 6 House committee, believes the Democrat’s narrative is faltering.

Patel explained that prior to the incident at hand, Trump had explicitly verbalized and given the green light for dispatching National Guard troops. This notion faced skepticism from the committee, generating uncertainty about both Patel’s claim and its reliability.

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Clarifying his testimonial in a conversation with the Daily Mail, Patel pointed out that efforts to obscure the facts regarding the movement of troops, seemingly led by Trump, were primarily targeted at shaping public sentiment. The former defense official categorically stated that such tactics were aimed at dismantling the Democrats’ claims of insurrection.

Expanding on this perspective, Patel argued that if President Trump had not granted permission for the National Guard’s deployment before the event, then it would be logically impossible for both Pelosi and Mayor Muriel Bowser to have scripted their refusal. Therefore, he questioned how can these contradictions co-exist.

While reviewing evidence, testimony from Tony Ornato, an experienced Secret Service official, was presented. Ornato claimed that Bowser, the Democrat Mayor of Washington, had rejected a proposal for deploying National Guard troops before the tumultuous event on Capitol Hill.

According to Ornato, Mayor Bowser was adamant in her refusal of National Guard assistance, asserting that she had sufficient support. Consequently, Patel believes the Democrat narrative is losing not only in public perception, but also in legal adjudication.

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Recounting his dialogues regarding troop deployment, Patel cited Trump’s sentiments: ‘In case any security issues arise in D.C. or any other major city, I understand you require my approval. So here it is. Don’t seek my confirmation again. Don’t hesitate if a governor requests troops—you have my consent.’

When word of recent revelations by Republican researchers in the House reached Trump, he did not hold back his thoughts on the formerly guided Jan. 6 Committee. He expressed severe disapproval toward former Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and her co-chaired committee for fostering misleading portrayals and false accusations concerning his role in the happenings.

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In response to a press release from Just the News, Trump expressed in no uncertain terms his belief that Cheney and the rest of the committee should face legal consequences for their actions. The report noted that Cheney was present at the hearing of a Secret Service agent who gave a firsthand account of Trump’s whereabouts during the Jan. 6 rally.

Contrary to the promises made to his supporters, Trump did not proceed to the Capitol post-rally. His limousine was instead directed to the White House. This alternative series of events was reported by former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson after being summoned by Cheney to counter Trump before the House Jan. 6 select committee.

Hutchinson alleged an instance where she heard Secret Service agents talk about Trump, from the limo’s backseat, attempting to physically take control of the presidential limousine. This particular incident sparked considerable controversy.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., who leads the House Administration subcommittee on Jan. 6, released a report refuting Hutchinson’s account. The report stressed the limousine driver’s denial of Trump ever trying to commandeer steering control.

In his testimony, the agent firmly rejected the possibility of Trump attempting to overpower him, insisting he didn’t see any sign of the former president trying to migrate to the driver’s seat. Consequently, Hutchinson’s claim was dismissed, engendering even more disarray regarding the real events on that tumultuous January 6th.

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