WATCH: Kanye West Snaps At TMZ Reporter After Being Asked if He Controls His Wife

Heated Exchange Between Kanye West and Journalist Sparks Controversy

Music artist Kanye West made waves when he suddenly took a TMZ journalist’s phone this past Monday. The incident occurred when the reporter inquired about West’s influence over his spouse, Bianca Censori, aged 29. Rumors and concern over Censori’s autonomy have been circulating among fans. The query was put forth to West, 46, during his stride towards Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony on Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

The reporter questioned West about the chatter that he might exercising control over Censori. This question didn’t sit well with West, the rapper known for his song ‘Power’. He swiftly took away her phone and tucked it away in his pocket. Completely veiled behind a black mask, the one-time billionaire responded to the reporter’s question with a surprising level of intensity.

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West kicked off a lengthy tirade directed at the reporter that lasted approximately three minutes. The rapper asked her, incredulously, ‘Are you insane?’ He went on to chide her for daring to ask such a question, attributing it to a misplaced sense of entitlement grounded in her being a white woman. His rant concluded with another stark question, asking her if she had lost her mind to inquire about his wife’s independence.

Bianca Censori is known for her previous work as an architect for the Yeezy brand and became West’s legally wedded wife on December 20, 2022. Recently, she’s attracted attention due to her provocative wardrobe choices. Fans speculate that these risqué outfits are directed by the ‘Love Lockdown’ singer.

West escalated the confrontation by sharply asking the journalist if she’s exercising her own free will or working for a malevolent force. The rapper also sought to know her full name and where she lived. With a sense of irony, the reporter was donning a piece of merchandise from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and eventually she introduced herself as Melanie.

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Claiming the reporter’s question was out of line, West didn’t shy away from expressing his displeasure. He then began to lambast Melanie saying, ‘You were silent when I was battling for the right to see my children and now have only visitation rights, deprived of choosing their school. Do you have a perspective to share on that, or are you simply a cog in the machine?’

The founder of Yeezy brand further pushed Melanie, asking her to weigh in on the legality and morality of her purportedly disrespectful question. He described himself as an ‘adult superhero’ suggesting his status merited more respect. In response, Melanie’s main concern was to retrieve her confiscated phone.

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West now held the power, possessing her phone, and he intentionally shifted the dynamics of the question-answer session. He retorted, ‘Now, you respond to my queries.’ He raised the stakes by teasing the reporter about the possibility of his arrest for commandeering her phone.

The encounter reached a peculiar conclusion when West threw a proposition Melanie’s way. He inquired about her paycheck and followed with a job offer, saying he’d double her current earnings if she came to work for him. This wrapped up the unusual altercation on the streets of Hollywood.

It’s noteworthy that this outburst from West came to light on the same day a source confided to the Daily Mail about West’s inhibitions over Censori’s use of social media. The source claimed that West’s belief was that social media could cause her harm and thereby, he prefers she abstain from using it.

According to the source, ‘Bianca was quite active on social media, prior to her marriage with Kanye.’ He went on to say that West’s hesitations about her involvement stemmed from his fears that negative comments could psychologically affect Censori.

The informant elaborated, ‘West prefers to showcase her on his social media, giving him the reins to control her public narrative. This is unsettling, and by secluding her from the world, she is growing increasingly isolated.’ This insider scoop has added to the swirling speculation about Censori’s autonomy and wellbeing, revealing more layers of the situation to the public.

This episode raises critical questions about the role of celebrities and media, their power dynamics, and boundaries of privacy. While the public continues to speculate about the couple’s relationship, the recent incident with the TMZ reporter underscores the tensions between celebrities’ private lives and public curiosity.

West’s heated encounter with the reporter again stirs up the debate on celebrity privacy and the professional boundaries of journalism. However, the truth of the matter remains unknown, and the public and media can only speculate based on the fragments of information they gather.


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