Kamala Urges Dems To Tell Voters That Biden Has Fulfilled Campaign Promises

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at an event at Durham Technical Community College in Durham, N.C., Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben McKeown)

During their winter meeting, Kamala Harris told Democrats to rally behind the idea that Biden-Harris voters have largely followed through on campaign promises. Hold back the laughter, and let’s talk about what the administration promised on the campaign trail. 

Politifact had tracked which campaign promised the President has actually kept.. and the numbers aren’t great. According to the fact-checkers, only 17% of promises have been kept. 

Biden promised to get COVID-19 under control, this was obviously a massive failure when we consider that nearly half a million more Americans died of coronavirus under Biden as opposed to the Trump days. America continued locking down and enforcing freedom infringing mandates over one year after Biden swore his oath. 

Biden also promised that he would forgive student debt from public colleges and universities. Conservatives are obviously glad that this promise was ditched, but it’s yet another promise that Biden campaigned on and will likely never be achieved. 

On the topic of college and debt, Biden also vowed to double the pell grant, which of course also has not been fulfilled. 

There have been no moves to decriminalize cannabis despite his promise to the American people as he campaigned. 

The list goes on and on, one thing is for absolute certain, the assertion that the current administration has followed through on their promises is a blatant lie.