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Kamala Harris Mocked After Saying Most Americans Can’t Afford $400 Expense

Bidenomics Faces Scrutiny Over Americans’ Financial Struggles


Vice President Kamala Harris once again faced criticism for her comments on Americans’ personal finances, as the administration aims to promote the effectiveness of ‘Bidenomics’ for the majority. At a recent event discussing ‘reproductive rights’ in Iowa, Harris mentioned that most Americans would face bankruptcy in the event of an unexpected $400 expense.

This highlights the unfortunate reality that a significant portion of the nation struggles to save money, often spending their earnings just to make ends meet. Fox News reported on Harris’ extensive discussion on economic hardships faced by women in Iowa when traveling to other states for a legal abortion, particularly if a state abortion bill is allowed to take effect.

Harris highlighted that a single parent would need to cover childcare expenses, potentially leading to a loss of work time. The availability of paid family leave and sick leave would also factor into the financial burden.

Additionally, the costs of transportation, such as plane, train, bus fares, or gas, further contribute to the financial strain. Harris emphasized that a $400 unexpected expense could push most Americans toward bankruptcy.

This comment quickly gained attention from conservatives and administration critics on social media, who argued that President Joe Biden’s economic policies are responsible for the escalating costs Americans are experiencing.

Responding to Harris’ remark, GOP presidential candidate Senator Tim Scott expressed concern over the impact of ‘Bidenomics’ and the loss of $10,000 in spending power for Americans.

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Another perspective offered by actor Nick Searcy suggested that the administration deliberately aims to leave Americans in destitution and helplessness, thereby increasing reliance on government assistance.

These viewpoints reflect the broader criticism of the Biden-Harris agenda. It is worth noting that Harris’ statement likely referred to a 2022 survey on the economic well-being of US households. The survey revealed that around 40% of Americans lack sufficient savings to cover a $400 emergency expense, necessitating credit card usage or borrowing.

In a column published on Friday, Liz Peek expressed concerns that rising energy prices, particularly gasoline, could undermine the effectiveness of ‘Bidenomics.’ She anticipated that escalating fuel costs would negatively impact President Biden’s popularity and potentially jeopardize his chances of a second term.

Peek emphasized that voters would interpret higher gas prices as clear evidence that the administration’s economic policies are not beneficial to their interests. She also highlighted the adverse consequences of Biden’s approach towards fossil fuels, indicating the failure to reach pre-pandemic production levels despite potential compensatory measures.

NewsNation reported last week that the economy, including personal finances, is the top issue for voters in the upcoming 2024 election cycle.

According to the survey, 31% of registered voters consider the economy the most significant factor in their decision-making, while 29% prioritize preserving democracy in the United States. This data reflects the importance of economic concerns among voters and reinforces the need for effective policies that address the financial well-being of the American people.


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