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Judge Cannon Deals Massive Blow to Special Counsel Jack Smith

Judge Cannon Strikes Down Special Counsel’s Sealed Filings


In a recent move, Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida rejected two sealed filings presented by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

POLITICO’s senior legal correspondent, Kyle Cheney, reported on Twitter that Judge Cannon demanded clarifications from the special counsel regarding the use of an “out-of-district grand jury proceeding” in the ongoing document investigation.

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Judge Cannon, appointed during the Trump administration, commented on the Special Counsel’s filings, stating they lack a “sufficient legal or factual basis” for the sealing request, and subsequently denied the motion.

The Judge emphasized the need for the prosecution to justify their use of an out-of-district grand jury for ongoing investigations. She expects a response by August 22nd on this and other raised points.

In response to the news, conservative journalist Julie Kelly voiced her support for Judge Cannon, praising her intolerance for alleged secrecy and evasion tactics by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Kelly remarked on a previous decision where the Judge had denied the government’s request to keep the identities of over 80 witnesses confidential.

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The political scene heated up over the weekend when Florida’s Republican Representative, Matt Gaetz, hinted at summoning Jack Smith to a congressional committee, following new charges filed against former President Trump.

These charges, which involve conspiracy accusations, are linked to the investigation into purported efforts to challenge the 2020 election outcome leading up to the US Capitol incident on January 6, 2021.

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Gaetz voiced his frustrations in an interview with Newsmax, suggesting that Jack Smith should be interviewed by the Judiciary Committee. If Smith fails to comply, Gaetz proposes holding him in criminal contempt, making him a unique figure in American judicial history.

Gaetz didn’t stop there; he expressed his willingness to put pressure on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the issue and even raised the possibility of impeachment.

Moreover, Gaetz suggested the potential use of congressional powers to grant immunity to former President Trump, alluding to a legal provision upheld by the Supreme Court.

In a related development, Gaetz recently proposed a bill aiming to cut off funding for Smith’s investigation into the former President. This move aligns with Gaetz’s earlier reactions to the investigation led by Robert Hur into President Joe Biden’s alleged mismanagement of classified documents.

Following Trump’s prediction of an imminent indictment related to the January 6th Capitol incident, Gaetz reaffirmed his commitment to halting what he perceives as a “witch hunt,” claiming it undermines democracy and constitutes election interference.


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