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Jonathan Turley Says Everything About Trump’s Hush Money Case Doesn’t Make Legal Sense

Trump Battles Biased Prosecution Paving the Path to MAGA2024 Victory

Respected legal analyst and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley recently cast doubt on the legitimacy of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Donald J. Trump. His opinion stands on the claim that Bragg is drastically overstepping his boundaries, entering an unfamiliar legal landscape.

In a Fox News discussion, Turley spoke about the upcoming jury verdict, which pertains to accusations of a suspected ‘hush money’ ploy. Turley expressed his belief that Bragg’s case against Trump is not grounded in a substantial legal basis, terming it ‘legally laughable.’

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He elaborated, stating that ‘Bragg, after initially resisting the urge to bring forth these charges, ultimately gave in. The case he’s pursuing was previously dismissed by his predecessor. Therefore, what we see here is a futile attempt to revive a dismissed misdemeanor and escalate it to appear as a serious federal offense.’

Providing further context, Turley said, ‘The Department of Justice already dismissed the possibility of a federal offense under election law, in regards to this case. However, despite their conclusions, we are now facing the absurdity of this case moving forward.’

In addition to the confusion surrounding the charges, the case’s dependence on testimonies from personalities such as Michael Cohen, recently labeled a ‘serial perjurer’ by a judge, adds to the chaotic nature of the proceedings. It is baffling to see such a character at the heart of the case.

Meanwhile, Trump took to his Truth Social platform to outline his perspective on current events, drawing a contrast between his time in office and the state of affairs today. He reminisced, ‘Just four short years ago, I was a highly successful and beloved President of the United States, capturing more votes than any sitting President in history.’

‘But now,’ he continued, ‘I find myself poised to walk into Criminal Court, ready to face a questionably biased Judge, a politically motivated Prosecutor, and navigate through a Legal System riddled with tumult. At the same time, the State crumbles under the burden of escalating crime and corruption, and it seems Biden’s minions are manipulating the system against his Political Adversary—that is, me.’

Trump’s fighting spirit remains undeterred. He declared, ‘While I will indeed be defending my own reputation, my primary concern is fighting for our great Country. Such blatant Election Interference has never previously been seen in our nation. Though we are currently a Nation in apparent Decline, hopeful am I that we will soon rise again and regain our magnificence.’

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Looking ahead, Trump rallied his supporters with the powerful promise: ‘Everything could change on November 5th, a date that has the potential to become the most crucial day in our country’s history.’ He finished his message with a spirited call, ‘MAGA2024! See you all tomorrow.’

Monday heralds the beginning of the jury selection process for Trump’s trial, spurred by Bragg’s inquiry into alleged secret payments before the 2016 presidential race. This accused Republican front-runner for the 2024 Presidential Election stands in the dock for the first time this election year in New York City, boldly denying each accusation.

Overseeing these proceedings is Judge Juan Merchan. However, concerns about Merchan’s suitability arise due to his Democratic ties and perceived antagonism towards Trump. Consequently, Trump’s legal team sought to disqualify Merchan from the trial.

Last year in April, Bragg lodged 34 first-degree falsification of business records charges against Trump. These were regarding supposed secret payments exchanged in the build-up to the 2016 presidential race.

Bragg asserted that Trump ‘repeatedly and deceitfully tampered with New York business records to mask unlawful conduct that concealed potentially damaging details from the voters during the 2016 election.’

Bragg’s accusations include a ‘catch and kill’ strategy employed by Trump to identify, obtain, and suppress unfavorable details about himself, effectively enhancing his electoral prospects.

In addition, Bragg claimed that Trump ‘went to extraordinary lengths to hide this conduct, causing a myriad of false entries in business records, in an effort to obscure criminal activities, some of which were attempts to breach both state and federal election laws.’

All things considered, Trump’s trial stands to be a momentous event boasting significant implications, not only for the potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee but also for the United States’ political landscape at large. Ensuing developments are undoubtedly worth watching closely.

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