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Johnson Brings Proceedings to a Halt with Two Days Left to Avoid Government Shutdown 

Effort to Carry On Government Funding Faces Critical Barriers


In a surprising turn of events, the Head of Congress, Mike Johnson, brought proceedings to a halt on Thursday. With just two days remaining in the legislative season, this has added pressure given looming government closure dates. Sources at Fox News reveal that the current season was adjourned after it was decided to cancel the votes arranged for Friday, putting significant emphasis on reaching a mutual agreement swiftly.

In the absence of pressing matters related to caucus or committee duties, lawmakers are not anticipated to return to Capitol Hill until February 28. This is a mere two days prior to the deadline imposed for the funding of select government divisions. It’s been emphasized that all remaining departments must obtain satisfactory funding no later than March 8.

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In a conversation with media correspondents on Wednesday, Speaker Johnson expressed optimism regarding meeting the deadlines. He has, in the past, granted approval for two temporal extensions of the previous year’s government funding agreement. Notably, these are often referred to as continuing resolutions.

Interestingly, Congress has passed three such continuing resolutions in the inadvertent effort to ensure the government maintains functionality beyond the initial fiscal year end date, particularly September 30. However, it’s significant to note that the issue of public spending has been a contentious topic on Johnson’s watch, given the thin GOP majority in the House.

Moving forward, it appears that these disputes have the potential to be a persistent difficulty. Fox News goes further to report on the Speaker’s collaboration with Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, disclosing an agreement made to set a discretionary spending limit of $1.59 trillion for the approaching fiscal year, while acknowledging a prior side arrangement that further adds $69 billion.

In an effort to counterbalance these numbers, Johnson asserts that he has realized an additional $16 billion in reductions for this financial year. However, stricter members of the GOP party, specifically those within the House Freedom Caucus, hold firm on their stance not to sanction anything exceeding a total funding figure of $1.59 trillion.

There have been instances when they’ve gone as far as actively sabotaging the implementation of their party’s directives due to their lack of support for the cross-party agreement. Such actions have resulted in House proceedings coming to a halt. Given the evident split within his slight three-seat majority, Johnson may find himself in the unexpected position of needing to seek backing from the Democrats in the House before even considering interactions with the Senate, which is under Democrat control.

Earlier in the month, Johnson made public his realization that what the U.S. Senate was labeling as a bipartisan border bill would not make it pass muster in the lower house. Johnson made his concerns known during a conversation on Fox News with host Laura Ingraham on the evolving border issues and continued hesitation of President Joe Biden to effectively address the situation.

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He made it clear that this issue was a nonstarter, identifying that the Senate’s anticipation for the House’s concurrence on legislation that actively encourages illegal immigration was misplaced. The bill, he said, was far from finding a solution to the problematic asylum and parole processes. Instead, it elevated the power of the cabinet secretary responsible for this disorder.

Stressing the importance of staying aligned with federal law, Johnson hinted that the bill could potentially exaggerate the problem instead of mitigating it. The reason for this, he claimed, was the lack of a necessity to change what was working, considering the proven harmful impact of the proposed legislation.

Johnson went on to underscore that ultimately, the American people are at the helm of decision-making, stating, ‘the American people are on our side.’ He acknowledged their awareness of the devastating impacts that have arisen due to the border crisis, declaring that ‘every state is a border state’ and affirming that the people recognize this.

The Congress head emphasized that the nationwide outcry is the same, regardless of region. Whether it’s in the West, Midwest, Long Island, the Deep South, or South Florida, the message from the people remains singular — they want an end to the crisis.

He reiterated his conviction, implying that Senator Schumer pays no heed to concerns raised. Johnson strongly believes that the President of the United States currently possesses the necessary authority to address the crisis and even proclaimed that both Senator Schumer and President Biden are aware of this.

He expressed his frustration at the administration’s refusal to enact their authority to bring the crisis to a swift end, going as far as to say that they could halt the influx immediately if the will was there.

He left the audience speculating about the motives of the present administration, hinting that there might be specific reasons why control measures are not being implemented. In a candid and layered conversation, Johnson made clear his discontent with the existing circumstances and his desire for a resolution.

While the ensuing discussion had complexities, it is unmistakable that Johnson, in his commitment to the American people and in line with his conservative ethos, strives to bring resolution to issues and maintain a sense of balance in the House, even in the face of stringent deadlines and high-stakes disputes.

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