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Joe Rogan Predicts Democrats Will Remove Biden from the Presidential Race Sometime in May

Biden’s Future in Doubt? Rogan and Schulz Spark Conservative Intrigue

During a recent conversation between renowned podcast host Joe Rogan and stand-up comic Andrew Schulz, the duo delved into the conjecture of a possible shift within the Democratic Party’s presidential lineup. Both Rogan and Schulz debated the potential longevity of President Biden’s tenure, leaving listeners with much to ponder.

Rogan instigated an intriguing debate, initially expressing doubt about the Democrats’ game plan with Biden at the helm. He stated in fractionally jest but underlying earnestness, ‘The Democratic Party’s persistence in promoting him simply defies belief. Are they genuinely committed to retaining him in the long haul?’

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As their discussion proceeded, Rogan showed signs of reconsidering his stance, implying that the Democrats might indeed stick with Biden. There was a sense of disbelief mixed with an emerging acceptance of what initially seemed nonsensical to him.

Schulz contributed to the speculative discourse by contemplating the Democrats’ lack of a ready substitute for Biden. Pondering aloud, he questioned whether the Democrats were actually in a predicament since it didn’t appear that they had an immediately accessible alternative.

Rogan initiated a discussion regarding the extraordinary circumstances under which a replacement would be considered. He hinted at Biden’s demission, leading to room for a successor. Schulz then chimed in pointing to California Governor, Gavin Newsom, as a plausible successor, raising a thrilling question as to whether this was a clandestine aspiration within Democratic ranks.

Previously, Rogan had prognosticated about Newsom being groomed for a 2024 presidential run by Democrats. This theory seemed to resurface as he contemplated upon the current presidential dynamics.

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Rogan set forth a startling timeline, causing Schulz to raise his eyebrows. He asserted, ‘I give him until May. Come spring, they will likely orchestrate a transition.’ This comment added another dimension to their speculative dialogue.

Building on the intrigue, Schulz added an interesting twist, suggesting a scenario where Newsom steps up to bat. Rogan’s response to this, ‘If Biden steps away due to health reasons, the nation would empathize, and Newsom would garner widespread support.’

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Subsequently, Rogan elaborated on the role of Vice President Kamala Harris, saying, ‘I see Harris simply declining the presidency; she might be content with her current vice-presidential title.’ Thus, he pointed to a possibility of a rejigged administration, featuring Newsom with Harris as his deputy.

Responding to Rogan’s scenario, Schulz queried, ‘So, we are looking at a Newsom-Harris duo?’ Rogan confirmed this potential alliance, ‘Yes, it seems plausible, provided they manage to keep a low profile for Harris.’

During their conversation’s earlier segment, both Rogan and Schulz exhibited reservations regarding Biden’s cognitive competence. Simultaneously, they acknowledged the administration’s unwavering embrace of trans ideology.

Rogan pointed out how the administration publically backs these issues to the extent that Biden even gave an interview with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. He recollected how that conversation served as a vivid reminder of the administration’s steadfast commitment.

Schulz further stirred the pot with skepticism regarding Biden’s role in decision-making within his administration. He suggested a scenario where Biden was more of a figurehead, bearing the brunt of blame for mishaps and quickly forgetting about them shortly thereafter.

Rogan agreed to this perception and added, ‘Yes, Biden appears to be simply serving as a convenient scapegoat.’ This agreement sparked thoughts among listeners about the function and image of the presidency.

This speculative conversation between Schulz and Rogan left the audience pondering whether the future will see a shifting dynamic in the Democratic presidential lineup. It seeds an intriguing scenario of a possible guided transition within the party.

Therefore, commencing from the inauspicious beginnings of the skeptical question, ‘They’re planning to keep him in there?’, the conversation’s general tone evolved revealing a complex understanding and acceptance of the political possibilities surrounding Biden, Newsom, and the Democratic party’s strategy.

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