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Joe Rogan and Ice Cube Criticize Bud Light’s Alienation of Core Consumers

Ice Cube Questions Bud Light Social Media Strategy, Asks ‘What About the Middle Class?’


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During a recent podcast, esteemed broadcaster Joe Rogan and iconic rapper Ice Cube discussed the surprising correlation between Bud Light’s strained relation with the public and rising social media star Dylan Mulvaney, a proponent of trans rights.

Ice Cube raised questions, compelling the audience to question who in the corporate hierarchy of Bud Light was instrumental in bringing aboard Mulvaney to endorse their product.

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His question undoubtedly added another layer to the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. Only recently, Ice Cube shared his candid views about AI with Charlamagne tha God, calling it ‘the greatest disaster ever’.

Joe Rogan, alongside Ice Cube, went over the substantial and continuing adverse reaction on various social platforms and at the sales point towards Bud Light. This backlash has been ceaselessly wiping off sales numbers ever since they started plummeting in April.

According to Rogan, the American masses are weary from the all-powerful sway of politically correct culture in their everyday lives. ‘People are exhausted by the ongoing bombardment of controversial societal topics. It feels like these issues are being forced upon them, commanding acceptance’, he expressed.

‘The blast of politics has no place in the enjoyment of a cold beer’, concurred Ice Cube. Rogan further drove his point home by stating that Bud Light’s blunder was just a poorly executed marketing strategy, never meaning to irritate their loyal consumer base.

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The real issue, in his perception, was a fundamental lack of understanding of the consumer demographic on Bud Light’s corporate team’s part.

He inferred that Bud Light’s corporate fails to resonate with the needs and expectations of the common people. ‘They seem to be so far removed from reality. They don’t engage with average individuals,’ elaborated Rogan.

He further stated that if a brand known for catering to regular, blue-collar beer lovers who associate Bud Light with enjoying their favourite sports, suddenly shifts its image towards promoting a personality seen as disruptive, they’re bound to face backlash.

Rogan highlighted the controversy by referring to Mulvaney’s perceived public image – ‘Bud Light’s abrupt change has disturbed their core consumers, who simply enjoy a casual beer while cheering for their favourite team.

Aligning with someone they perceive as self-serving and mentally distressed has further angered them’, Rogan commented.

Rockstar Kid Rock infamously expressed his thoughts about Bud Light’s new spokesperson just a couple of days after Mulvaney’s promotional video for the beer brand went viral.

Using Bud Light cans for target practice, he demonstrated his disapproval for the brand’s recent decisions. After his display, the musician pointedly said to the camera, ‘Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch are dead to me. Enjoy your day.’

Ice Cube criticized the direction of the music industry which he believes is using ‘social manipulation’ in the rap genre to foster lawlessness and mold societal norms.

Singer Kid Rock’s display of disapproval for the beer brand was hard to ignore as it soon took social media by storm. Immediately after the promotion of the beer by Dylan Mulvaney, the singer used the brand’s cans for target practice and expressed his intense discontent.

‘The moment Kid Rock destroys your product live, that’s a serious cause for concern’, Rogan pointed out. Ice Cube then brought the conversation to the detrimental effects Bud Light’s decisions have had on their everyday employees and the economical repercussions.

Ice Cube questioned who the true victims of the situation were – ‘Are the higher-ups in Bud Light affected by this? Does it impact their bonuses or paychecks?’ The rapper raised valid questions on behalf of the brewing brand’s middle-class employees.

The rapper further criticized the corporate decision, claiming it has caused the most damage to the middle-class workforce, including those in distribution centers who deliver the product, as they’re stuck with a beer no one wants.

He stated, ‘As a consequence, these folks may lose their jobs. This could be seen as an attack on middle-class citizens, damaging a brand in a manner that severely affects this demographic.’ Ice Cube emphasized.

Ice Cube’s sentiment was one of concern for the brand’s working-class employees, suggesting that the corporate decision was a direct blow to them as decreased demand for the beer could affect their livelihoods.

The rapper continued his critique, ‘[The employers] are burdening their middle-class workers because they’ve created a scenario where their distributors are stuck with an unpopular product that no one wants to buy. They are inadvertently attacking the very class they claim to serve.’ the star noted.

According to Ice Cube, these decisions made from corporate towers have repercussions that cascade downward and negatively impact the livelihoods of those at the bottom.

He said, ‘It’s the hard-working middle-class folks who pay the price. By diminishing a brand of this magnitude, they’ve indirectly dealt a blow to the middle class.’

A ripple effect of such decisions, Ice Cube suggests, endangers the job security of middle-class workers, many of whom are responsible for delivering the beers.

‘Now, those hard-working Americans are at risk of unemployment. By damaging a brand of this stature, they’ve inadvertently assaulted the middle class,’ Ice Cube added.

In conclusion, the critical commentary by Ice Cube underlined the concern around the Bud Light corporate decisions.

They were framed as being out of touch and the consequences of their miscalculations were falling harshly on the middle-class employees of the company. The rapper expressed that Bud Light’s decisions appear to have even broader socio-economic effects.


Despite the much-needed critique raised by Rogan and Ice Cube on the podcast, Anheuser-Busch did not promptly respond to a request for comment.

This silence makes the impact of the discussion all the more significant as it echoes in the minds of the people and resonates with those who understand the concerns raised.


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