Joe Manchin Praises Biden Admin On Pipeline Policy

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, after having blasted the Biden Admin for poor economic decision making, now praises ‘course correction’ on pipelines. 

Fox News reported,  Sen. Joe Manchin Friday lauded the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for reversing a February policy statement on gas pipelines, after slamming it and demanding its chairman do his “damn job” earlier this month

As Biden oversees a country with gas as high as $7 a gallon in some places, he scours the globe looking to replace oil imports lost in Russia but refuses to motivate domestic producers. Instead, the President actively stands in the way of domestic oil producers.

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“Today’s unanimous vote during FERC’s open meeting was a course correction from their previous partisanship and I appreciate their willingness to address the significant concerns raised by many members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee,” Manchin said in a statement. 

He continued, “I was also pleased to see them approve three additional pipeline projects. Energy security for America and our allies is dependent on FERC’s ability to move much-needed energy infrastructure projects forward, to do so they must maintain clear and predictable policies that strike the right balance between energy security, affordability, and environmental considerations.” 

Quite ironic that the left is so quick to associate the right with ‘conspiracy theories’ yet, at the same time a large portion of democrat voters believe that if we drill for oil in America coastal cities could be underwater within the next 10-20 years. 

Oil will be drilled. What’s the difference between drilling oil in America and buying oil from foreign nations? Oil is being drilled and consumed either way. 

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The difference lies in the effect. America could prioritize domestic oil drilling and provide economic stability and low gas prices to its citizens, or it could buy abroad and build a dependency on countries that could one day be an adversary. 

We found ourselves in this exact position with Russia. 

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FERC has approved the expansion of three natural gas pipelines, but it and its advocates continue to over-prioritize climate effects. 

We cannot stress this enough, the gas will be burned and likely refined in America either way. If it’s not drilled domestically, it will be bought from other nations. 

The Biden administration continues to blame Putin for the rise in gas prices, despite prices having already been high and the administration also claimed that only 3% of crude oil imports come from Russia 


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