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Joe Biden’s Dog Has Multiple Episodes with Biting Secret Service Agents

The White House has not Made Public Commander’s Aggressive Conduct


Commander, President Biden’s two-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd, has reportedly bitten seven individuals within a four-month timeframe, according to newly disclosed information. The dog replaced the previous first dog, Major, due to his overly aggressive conduct.

The New York Post first brought to light several concerning incidents related to Commander, citing internal Secret Service communications.

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One notable event resulted in a Secret Service officer requiring hospital treatment following a dog bite to the thigh and arm on November 3, 2022. The incident report came from the White House physician’s office.

Further incidents were revealed through Freedom of Information Act requests made by conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

These reports detailed how Commander had caused injuries to another Secret Service member only weeks later. After President Biden unhooked his leash following a family movie night at the White House, Commander bit the member’s hand and arm.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, commented on the situation, questioning President Biden’s decision to allow his dog’s repeated aggressive behavior. He also criticized the Secret Service for not taking a more proactive stance in protecting its agents.

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An email sent by a Secret Service officer in October 2022 had already highlighted the problem, warning that it was a matter of time before Commander would bite an officer, given his increasingly aggressive tendencies.

The severity of the issue became clear on November 3, 2022, when Commander bit a Secret Service officer twice, causing significant pain.

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Following these incidents, it was noted that other members of the first family had direct encounters with Commander’s aggressive behavior.

For instance, while the First Lady Jill Biden was walking Commander, he bit a uniformed officer, causing bruising and pain. Another officer had to use a chair to fend off an aggressive advance from the dog.

U.S. Secret Service chief of communications, Anthony Guglielmi, addressed the situation, stating that the agency takes employee safety seriously. He noted that measures are in place to report any job-related injuries promptly and to manage environments that include pets.

In response to these revelations, Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s communications director, stated that the Bidens are introducing additional leashing protocols and training for Commander.

She acknowledged the unique and often stressful environment of the White House complex for family pets and expressed gratitude for the work of the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff.

These incidents involving Commander follow similar episodes involving the Biden’s former dog, Major, in early 2021. After Major bit a person at the White House, he was sent to live at Biden’s Delaware home.

Later, Major returned to the White House, but following further biting incidents, he was relocated to a friend’s house. The White House reportedly underplayed the number of incidents Major was involved in


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