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Joe Biden’s Daughter Has Thousands of Dollars in Unpaid Income Taxes

High-Profile Debtor: Inside Ashley Biden’s $5,000 Debt Story


Daughter to the Oval Office’s current incumbent, Ashley Biden, has an outstanding debt of $5,000 in income taxes dating back to 2015, as revealed by a recently accessed tax lien docket. It’s worth mentioning that liens are legal measures taken by the government and placed on properties or assets when taxes remain unpaid despite numerous collection attempts.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania informed Ms. Biden through the Department of Revenue in Philadelphia County on December 1st about the newly imposed lien. This arises from unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties associated; in such cases, the taxpayers are required to give up the right to their assets, whether actual properties, personal assets, or both.

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Possibly brushing all nuances aside, the timeline of this lien is no less interesting; it begins on the first day of 2015 when her father Joseph Biden was serving as Vice President under President Obama’s administration. The end date listed strikes a close proximity to when the current President was inaugurated, that is, January 1, 2021.

Despite several requests made for a comment, neither Ashley Biden nor her legal representative has responded yet. This certainly can’t help but remind us of President Biden’s constant assertion about a particular segment of the population, who he often refers to as wealthy and well-connected, not paying their fair share of taxes, while his own children seem to have defaulted on theirs.

Drawing our attention to the matter, Garrett Ziegler, the originator of the Marco Polo nonprofit, and once an aide to former President Trump, made a comparison that might give us pause. ‘The scale may not be on par with Hunter, but isn’t it interesting both the President’s living children find themselves in a similar tax situation?’ Ziegler pointed out in an interview with Fox News Digital last Friday.

Shedding light on what seems like recurring imprudence, Ziegler suggested it doesn’t bode well for the current American first family to have tax liens against them, especially in an election year. ‘This is yet another instance of the Bidens demonstrating a carefree attitude,’ he explained.

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Interestingly enough, Ziegler is known for creating, a platform hosting an extensive collection of almost 10,000 images obtained from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop spanning from 2008 to 2019. His team found mention of Ashley’s lien in the midst of routine scrutiny of the Philadelphia County courthouse system.

Upon revealing the findings about the laptop, Ziegler assured, ‘We aren’t activists for the Republican party.’ He explained further, ‘In fact, none of us are registered under the Republican banner. I personally appreciated Trump because he broke from the mold of a typical Republican. This should not be mistaken for a smear campaign.’

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Expressing his intent, Ziegler mentions his plan to keep and share all kinds of pictures, good and bad, from the laptop depicting the Bidens. ‘The American public deserves the right to form their own opinions about their first family through this,’ Ziegler concluded.

Born on the 8th of June, 1981, Ashley Biden, the youngest of the Biden siblings, is the only child Joe Biden has with Jill Biden. Ashley’s career has primarily revolved around social reform, extensive activism, and abundant philanthropy.

Currently, she offers her services to the Delaware Center for Justice, focusing on reforms within the criminal justice system, as mentioned on her Linkedin profile. Between 2007 and 2012, Ashley worked as a social worker at the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families.

Showing her dedication to the field, Ashley obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice in 2010. In recent years, Ashley has expanded her efforts into the entrepreneurial world by launching Livelihood, a charitable fashion brand, in 2017.

At this time, she was part of the Delaware Center for Justice, a nonprofit organization working towards reforms in the criminal justice system. In 2019, she withdrew from her professional duties to play an active role in her father’s presidential campaign.

This year, she was reportedly in the process of applying for a doctoral degree in clinical social work from the University of Pennsylvania, where she intends to study the neurobiology of trauma and is equally enthusiastic about developing her own academic program.

Unfortunate occurrences marked last summer when two Floridian individuals confessed in a federal court in New York City to having stolen Ashley’s diary along with other possessions. These were later sold off to conservative watchdog group Project Veritas in the closing weeks of 2020’s presidential election.

At the time of releasing this account, an official commentary from Fox News Digital is still awaited from the White House.


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