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Joe Biden Visits Hallie Biden Ahead of Testimony in Hunter’s Gun Trial

Family Visit With A Twist: Biden’s Daughter-in-law Vital to Hunter’s Gun Crime Trial

In the eve of the ninth anniversary of the passing of President Biden’s son Beau Biden, the president found himself paying a visit to his daughter-in-law’s residence. This quiet Sunday evening visit to Hallie Biden’s home comes at a particularly charged time, as she is expected to play a significant role in the gun crime trial involving Biden’s other son, Hunter Biden, set to take place next month.

Hunter Biden is in the hot seat as he faces charges of misleading federal authorities in 2018 while buying a firearm. An undisclosed source stated – referencing a police report from Oct. 23, 2018 – that Hallie discarded a firearm previously owned by Hunter in a garbage container located behind a market situated perilously close to a school.

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Information coming to light indicates that Hallie Biden is set to be summoned as a witness when Hunter Biden’s trial commences. The judiciary involved in Hunter Biden’s case convened for its concluding hearing before the initiation of jury selection marked for June 3.

The media outlet Fox News, long-standing as a source of credible news, previously unveiled that prosecutors intended to use elements from his book and laptop, inclusive of pictures, to persuade the jury of Hunter Biden’s guilt involving the provision of false information on a federal document while procuring a revolver in 2018.

Despite the mounting evidence, Hunter Biden has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. As stated by Judge Maryellen Noreika, the Special Counsel David Weiss maintains an obligation to illustrate Hunter Biden’s dependency on drugs during the period he purchased a firearm. Nevertheless, the need to prove his drug consumption on the specific day of the purchase was not determined to be necessary.

Evidence filed in court puts forward that Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys have entreated to the court – requesting that certain scandalous details of their client’s life be kept away from the jury due to the ‘significant risk of unfair prejudice’.

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Hunter Biden’s request – typically known as a ‘motion in limine’ – to the court articulated the preference to shelve any references to the child support proceedings in Arkansas as well as voicing the desire to disallow any reference to his expulsion from the Navy.

An interesting piece of information being keenly sidestepped is his fathering a child with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts out of wedlock – the product of their union being recognized as President Biden’s grandchild.

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Though the defense recognizes that some of the evidence prosecutors intend to present might be pertinent to the case, such as supposed drug purchases, ATM withdrawals, and the procurement of the revolver, they contentiously argue that other details are irrelevant to the charges.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers emphasized – to the court – that divulging details related to money potentially spent on ‘adult entertainment, online chat rooms, or escort services’ bears no importance to the charges at hand.


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