Joe Biden Explores Taxing Americans PER MILE Driven

Hidden in Joe Biden’s “bipartisan infrastructure bill” was a measure that would allocate funds to explore taxing drivers by the mile. 

The Daily Mail reported, The massive deal puts $125 million toward exploring the possibility of a federal vehicle miles traveled tax (VMT) by funding the launch of federal, state and local VMT pilot programs.

It gives Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg the ability to award grants to local and regional entities ‘to carry out pilot projects’ of the VMT tax.

This allows tax dollars to be used, to find abominable ways to take more taxes from the American people. 

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According to the plan, the Department of Transportation would calculate how much drivers would have to pay each quarter simply for driving their cars.

How would the DOT calculate this? Would citizens be required to report how often they drive their vehicle or the miles that it has on it? 

This not only takes money away from citizens who frequently use their vehicles, but also allows the government to be more nosey when it comes to the privacy and personal lives of American tax payers.

Biden claims to be supportive of the middle class worker, yet a tax on miles driven would predominately effect the working class.

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