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Jim Jordan Unveils Impeachment Timeline for Joe Biden

Committee to Uncover Joe Biden’s Ties with Family Business Probed


Representative Jim Jordan, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has shared an anticipated timeline regarding the deliberation process for a potential impeachment process against President Joe Biden. As stated on a recent Sunday, Jordan, an Ohio-based Republican, indicated that further action in this matter could be expected shortly after the commencement of the forthcoming year.

The House Oversight Committee is at present undertaking an examination into the relations of the Biden family, as per an announcement made in September by Kevin McCarthy, the former House Speaker and a Republican representing California.

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The primary issue that the Biden impeachment investigation is centering around is the accusation of any possible involvement on part of the President in the international business ventures of his son Hunter Biden. Presidential aides continue to affirm that the President has not had any involvement with his son’s business engagements.

James Comer, the Kentucky Republican and current Chairman of the Oversight Committee, sanctioned subpoenas aimed at Hunter Biden, the President’s first son, as well as James Biden, the President’s brother, and other family members, in the final week.

A subpoena was also sanctioned for Rob Walker, a past business associate of Hunter Biden. Comer has requested for Hunter Biden to attend a non-public deposition slated for December 13.

In contrast, James Biden has been scheduled for a deposition on December 6 and Walker has a deposition scheduled for November 29, as per information from Newsweek.

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Apart from heading the Judiciary Committee, Representative Jordan is also a part of the Oversight Committee. On a Sunday conversation with Maria Bartiromo from Fox News, Jordan divulged his forecast regarding the timeline of the impeachment.

Jordan expressed confidence that the deposition and interview processes would be completed within the current calendar year, following which an evaluation would be made at the beginning of the next year to decide if there’s sufficient evidence supporting the drafting of impeachment articles and progression to the next step of the inquiry.

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Jordan remarked on the need for performing oversight duties because it is constitutionally mandated. Currently dealing with the impeachment inquiry phase of their oversight duty, Jordan agrees that the process should be guided by factual evidence and not be manipulated by political partisanship, which often typified Democratic attacks on President Trump.

The White House has reacted to these developments, suggesting that the Republicans may be embroiled in pure politicking and overlooking urgencies like adopting another financial piece of legislation.

Spokesperson for the White House, Ian Sams, stated in a memorandum addressing the previous week’s subpoenas that with the potential of another government shutdown looming close caused by the House Republicans, politicians such as James Comer are diverting attention from their repeated inability to govern effectively.

The memo further stated that rather than misusing congressional powers to conduct a politically-biased, derogatory probe into the President and his family, Republicans in the extreme wing of the House should oblige to their duties.

Meanwhile, Mike Johnson, the House Speaker from Louisiana and a Republican himself, is reportedly planning to introduce a two-phase spending legislation that would fund the majority of the government until early next year.

Newsweek further reported that the House Oversight Committee has devoted months to investigating the Biden family. The Committee has issued numerous subpoenas for the bank records of Hunter and James Biden and summoning former associated of the President’s son for testimonies.

The information held by House Republicans reveals that, over a span of five years, nations like China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan have collectively contributed more than $24 million to the Biden family.

These funds, now under the scrutiny of the House Oversight Committee, have revealed connections between Joe Biden and his family’s potentially influential schemes, which he could have been aware of or even possibly benefitted from.

Elaborating on this, Comer made a statement explaining that these records reveal that the family’s business dealings have not only enriched the Bidens but may have also invariably harmed U.S. interests.


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