James O’Keefe and Project Veritas SUSPENDED from Twitter

Twitter has suspended Project Veritas and its founder founder James O’Keefe for “repeated violations of Twitters private information policy.” 

A spokesperson told Fox News, that Project Veritas is gone for good. O’Keefe however is simply required to delete his violative tweets in order to regain privileges. 

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Fox Wrote: 

“Fox News has learned that the suspension came just 20 minutes after Project Veritas attempted to appeal Twitter’s decision to lock both accounts after they shared a video showing Project Veritas journalist Christian Hartsock approaching Facebook executive Guy Rosen outside of his home. The confrontation was over remarks he made during an internal video conference that was previously leaked to Project Veritas.”

Allegedly, Veritas never received a formal response to their appeal but were sent an email notifying them of their suspension. This seems to be a recurring theme when big tech exercises authority over conservatives.

“Note that if you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts”  claimed the email. effectively diminishing much of the work done by O’Keefe and project veritas

Twitter clearly cherry picks what news stories will be censored and which will not. It’s not about privacy. It’s about conformity and indoctrination. Twitter censored the Hunter Biden story for “illegally obtained information” but failed to censor the Trump tax return story from the New York Times. This story would almost definitely be a violation of both the privacy policy, and the policy that exempted the Biden story.

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“Just last fall Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted in Congress his company’s decision to block the New York Post was erroneous while still demanding the Post kneel before them by deleting the tweet.  Here we go again – Twitter opting to delete news and demand fealty when their decision is dared to be questioned.”  O’Keefe told Fox News.

“I will not kneel” he said.

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