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Jackson Mahomes Calls Travis Kelce’s Ex ‘Pretty’ On Social Media

Jackson Mahomes Keeps Up Relationship With Travis Kelce’s Ex Amid Break-up

Despite the interwoven romantic liaisons within the sports world, it appears Jackson Mahomes, brother to football icon Patrick Mahomes, continues to maintain a warm relationship with Travis Kelce’s former partner, Kayla Nicole.

Nicole recently shared a collection of snapshots of herself, seen casually styled in denim and a verdant jacket, accompanied by a sporting hat and shades. It is noteworthy that this amicable interaction comes a couple of months subsequent to the occasion when Nicole chose to cease following Patrick, who is 28, and his spouse, Brittany.

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This act was reported to be in response to the new friendships blooming between the Mahomes couple and the current flame of Kelce, Taylor Swift.

Nicole, aged 31, and 34-year-old Kelce have had a tumultuous romantic journey, with continuous breaks and reconciliations over the span of five years. Nonetheless, they decided to call an end to their relationship in the Spring of 2022. In the subsequent months, Nicole shed light on her decisions regarding severing social media ties with the Mahomes family in a conversation with People.

Nicole felt the need to publicly address the speculations, considering she dramatically unfollowed individuals in the public eye. ‘The truth remains that I am personally acquainted with these individuals,’ Nicole declared. ‘Consequently, in our personal lives, I have candidly conveyed the reasons behind my public actions to them.’

Her decision wasn’t impulsive or without mutual understanding with Brittany, as Nicole ensured to have ‘conversations’ prior to the definitive action of unfollowing. She attempted to elucidate the misconstrued perceptions of her actions, emphasizing that severing a romantic relationship is not akin to flipping an electrical switch. Nicole argued that the notion of instantly terminating every existing interaction, just because one has broken up, is not rooted in reality.

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Nicole asserted, ‘I hold connections with all the involved parties on an ongoing basis. Brittany is very much aware of the affection I harbor for her.’ Illustrating the complexity of their relationship dynamics, she further elaborated, ‘Decent amounts of shared history and companionship exist among us, and such bonds don’t dissolve with the coming of dawn.’

However, while Nicole made it clear that her feelings for the people involved hadn’t dramatically changed, she also highlighted the need for self-preservation. ‘Precisely because matters have evolved swiftly and conspicuously, I have the obligation to guard my well-being,’ Nicole pointed out, but she reassured that her love for the parties involved remained.

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While the paths of Brittany Mahomes and Kayla Nicole seem to have diverged recently, Brittany’s social orbit has included more appearances from Taylor Swift, the famed 33-year-old pop singer and, coincidentally, Travis Kelce’s new love interest. The two seem to have found common ground and camaraderie, spending ladies’ night together and cheering for Kansas City Chiefs at their games.

Brittany and Swift were seen strengthening their friendship, not just through shared cheers but also by formulating a clandestine handshake of their own. The pair have frequently been noticed at the edge of their seats, eagerly supporting their respective partners during the games.

Showing off an evident display of companionship, Brittany and Swift were last seen rallying for the Chiefs during the recent match against the Green Bay Packers. The pair were unanimously dressed in striking shades of red and black, a silent testament to their growing bond.

Despite the Chiefs’ loss in that particular game, Swift and Brittany, from the gallery, were captured engaging in a robust display of support. Their warm hugs, zealous clapping, and shared laughter resonated with the sporty enthusiasm that painted the stadium, offering an optimistic note on their evolving relationship amidst their partners’ competitive sports careers.


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