Is Cryptocurrency Done For?

The users of a popular Reddit thread called “Wall Street Bets” have banded together to take on hedge funds and stock firms. They have decided to invest vast amounts of money into otherwise worthless stocks such as GameStop.

GameStop stock has jumped 133%, valued at $39 per share on January 14th. Now, as of the 27th, shares are worth $340. These market “manipulators” are currently targeting AMC Entertainment and Blackberry, which are also making significant leaps in the stock market.

Some potential future targets include Best Buy and Nokia.

Many firms on Wall Street are distressed because of the potential loss of capital. They are upset that the common man no longer possesses the need for their help.


A message to the suits crying about AMC and GameStop. Aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun #amc #gme #stocks #gamestop

? original sound – Dave Portnoy
Barstool SPorts Dave Portnoy had this to say about the situation.

As these stocks skyrocket crypto currency begins to decline. Could this be the end for bitcoin? What effects could this have on the market long term?

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