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Irving’s Vision of a New Big 3 in Dallas with James and Doncic

Kyrie Irving Tries to Connect with LeBron James to Play Together in Dallas

The offseason may not have ended yet, but whispers of deals and possible trades have started to circulate in the NBA community. Reports have emerged that Kyrie Irving has been trying to connect with his former teammate LeBron James once again, but this time not to team up in Los Angeles. Instead, it seems that Irving has hopes of convincing James to consider a move to Dallas so that they can play together to create a new exciting Big 3 along with Luka Doncic.

According to recent tweets by Shams Charania from The Athletic, Irving has already reached out to James to discuss his vision of creating a dominant team in Dallas. In addition, Chris Haynes from Bleacher Report has provided more details that suggest Irving is keen to see the Mavericks explore the possibility of trading for James to build a dream team that would consist of the three All-Star players.

While this sounds like a highly ambitious and enticing idea, it is not going to be a straightforward task. As the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement now resembles a hard cap, it makes it incredibly challenging to have more than two max players on a single roster. Therefore, for Doncic, James, and Irving to join forces in the same team, they would need to take a considerable pay cut. This could prove to be a significant challenge for the superstars.

As mentioned earlier, James and Doncic are known to share mutual respect for each other’s playing style and abilities. James even went as far as calling Doncic his favorite player last year. This admiration and connection between the two players could be another reason why Irving is eager to bring James to Dallas to combine forces with Doncic.


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However, it is worth questioning the logic of this plan. By trying to create a team comprised of three of the league’s best players, Irving, James, and Doncic, it may be challenging to sustain the necessary supporting cast. While a big three brings a tremendous advantage in skill, it may prove to be mechanically detrimental to the team’s overall performance if the rest of the roster is subpar. On the other hand, Irving may have taken the initiative to prevent James from linking up with him in Los Angeles and instead proposed a new surprising destination like Dallas!

The idea of James playing in Dallas is not new. As Brad Townsend from The News wrote last year, this is a dream that has long been nurtured by Mavericks fans. The idea of acquiring James earlier that year did not pan out, and it seemed like a pipe dream. The emergence of talks between Irving and James may cause fans to dream again, and who knows, it might happen this time around? If James can indeed come to Dallas, it would undoubtedly be a massive boost for the Mavericks organization.

One could argue that getting James to move to Dallas would be a smart move by the organization. Having a player like James with his experience, charisma, and talent would automatically elevate the team and provide a significant advantage over many other teams. With Doncic being a highly rated rising star and Irving being among the leagues’ elite guards, the Mavericks would be able to field a side well-positioned to excel in the league.

However, it is worth questioning how the team dynamics would work. Doncic is emerging as the team’s leader, and James coming in could upset the balance. If the Mavericks are looking for long-term success, it may be wise not to get a leader like James but rather focus on someone who can support Doncic’s development over time. The duo will need to have a strong working relationship for the team to perform at its maximum potential.

Furthermore, the Mavericks are not the only team trying to lure James. The Lakers have been actively attempting to bring in new stars to support James after a challenging season last year. Therefore, both Dallas and Los Angeles would have to battle it out to secure James’s services.

Another point to consider is the question of chemistry between Irving and James. Their on-court relationship during their days in Cleveland had a few rocky moments and resulted in Irving seeking a trade from the Cavs. There is no guarantee that their on-court antics will synchronize perfectly in a new team that also includes a ball-dominant player like Doncic.

Additionally, it is not yet clear if the Mavericks are willing to give up enough to entice the Lakers to consider trading James this season. The Lakers have not made any statements that suggest they are even considering trading him, making this rumor more of a fantasy than a reality for now.

In summary, the news of Irving trying to link up with James once again to bring him to Dallas has sparked interest and speculation in the basketball world. While the idea of seeing three superstars playing together on the same team is exciting, it is unlikely to happen due to the challenges in fitting all three players under a hard cap. On the other hand, with the NBA being a league of surprises, one can never say never!

The opportunity for Dallas to draw in players like James to play in Dallas is a testament to how far the franchise has come. The Mavericks have come a long way since their dark days and are now regarded as potential contenders. Bringing in a player of James’ caliber would be a bold move and would go a long way in cementing their status as a team to be taken seriously in the NBA world.

If the Mavericks are indeed looking to create a Big 3, they may have other options. There are rumors of other stars potentially joining the Mavericks, such as free agents Kemba Walker or Jimmy Butler. Both players have the potential to complement Doncic and elevate the team to the next level.

While the possibility of James joining the Mavericks is an interesting storyline, it may not be the right move to secure long-term success. If the Mavericks are serious about creating a sustainable championship-winning team, they may need to look elsewhere and invest in younger, upcoming talent like Zion Williamson or Ja Morant.

The NBA is a league that thrives on discussions of potential deals and possible trades. The news of Irving reaching out to James has added yet another narrative to the offseason. Ultimately, time will tell what the future holds for the league, the Mavericks, and James.


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