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IRS Whistleblower Reveals Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation

House Republicans Criticize ‘Slap on the Wrist’ Plea Deal for Hunter Biden


Gary Shapley, the courageous whistleblower from within the IRS, valiantly oversaw a significant part of the agency’s investigation into the activities of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.

Shapley revealed on Tuesday that his diligent inquiry faced undue interference, as it was prevented from pursuing certain leads that could have potentially unraveled the involvement of the current president. The plea deal received criticism from House Republicans, who deemed it a mere ‘slap on the wrist,’ vowing to persist in their investigations into the president, his son, and allegations of government agency interference during the scrutiny of Hunter Biden.

Despite the backlash, President Biden resolutely denied any false claims on Monday, reaffirming that he never misled anyone regarding his communication with Hunter Biden regarding his business affairs.

It’s essential to note Hunter Biden’s prominent presence at the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn, where he conversed with guests. Nonetheless, Shapley unveiled that the investigation he meticulously supervised into Hunter Biden’s activities suffered from irregularities and would have unfolded differently for an individual without the influential connections of the Biden family.


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Shapley expressed his concerns, stating that had it been anyone else, they would have already faced the consequences of their actions.

Moreover, Shapley made alarming allegations that during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, his dedicated team endured impeded progress as they were prohibited from taking crucial measures that could have potentially led them to Hunter Biden’s father, the sitting U.S. president.

Shapley asserted, with great fervor, that there were specific investigative steps that were unjustly withheld and should have been pursued.

His determination to uncover the truth was evident as he emphasized, ‘We needed to take them.’ Shapley’s dedication to justice extended to his belief that the investigation into Hunter Biden entailed additional charges, even including felony counts related to personal expenditures being classified as business expenses.

The House Ways and Means Committee, entrusted with spearheading an inquiry into potential interference during the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden, publicly released testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who played pivotal roles in the Biden case.

Rep. Jason Smith, an esteemed chairman of the committee, voiced his concerns, stating that the whistleblowers detailed how the Biden Justice Department intervened thus exceeding its authority, all in an attempt to shield Joe Biden’s son from an ongoing investigation into alleged tax crimes.

Smith vowed to persist in the committee’s investigation, leaving no stone unturned in assessing any potential involvement of President Biden in such interference.

Smith articulated a fundamental principle of justice, highlighting the need for equal treatment of all taxpayers, with a stern warning that any manipulation or preferential treatment could not be tolerated.

He argued that Congress had a solemn duty to hold agencies accountable and consider appropriate legislative action, should the scales of justice be tilted in favor of the politically connected and affluent. The enduring impact of these recent allegations on Hunter Biden’s plea deal remains to be seen, as its final approval rests with District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Judge Noreika, hailing from the esteemed District of Delaware, has scheduled a hearing on July 26 in Wilmington to officially process the plea agreement. It remains unclear whether the allegations presented by the IRS whistleblowers will bear enough weight to warrant the rejection of the plea agreement.

David Weiss, a reputable U.S. attorney for Delaware, appointed by President Trump, skillfully negotiated the deal with Hunter Biden. As the case progresses, the public eagerly awaits any subsequent developments or statements from Weiss, who has yet to comment on the matter after announcing the plea deal earlier this month.


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