Indy Homeowner Says He Fought Off Intruder, Killed Him with His Own Gun

Indiana Citizen Battles Armed Robber in Home Invasion Shocker

Brent Smith
Image Credit: WRTV

A homeowner in Indiana found himself in a harrowing situation when he confronted and ultimately shot a man who had broken into his residence. Brent Smith shared the unsettling details of the incident with WRTV-TV, describing it as a thwarted home invasion attempt in Indianapolis on Tuesday.

Returning from a grocery store run, Smith noticed a young man approaching his front door, donning a ski mask. The situation escalated rapidly, catching Smith off guard. The assailant struck him in the head with his own gun, prompting Smith to raise the alarm by shouting, “He is robbing me,” hoping his neighbors would hear.

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Engaged in a physical struggle for the firearm, Smith managed to wrestle with the intruder, who then fled the premises. In the ensuing chaos, Smith fired shots both inside and outside, responding to what he described as a barrage of gunfire directed at him. Startled, he recounted, “At this time, I started hearing what felt like thousands of shots.”

In the aftermath, Smith, now armed with the intruder’s gun and his own, observed a group of individuals speeding away in a car. The deceased intruder was later identified as 22-year-old Damon Swanigan Jr. by the Marion County Coroner’s Office.

Emotionally shaken, Smith reflected on the moment he realized he had fatally shot the intruder, expressing remorse and disbelief. He tearfully stated, “That didn’t make no sense, man, I didn’t want to do that!”

WRTV reported that the incident involved over a dozen gunshots, shattering windows in Smith’s home and a car parked in front. Detained and questioned by the police, Smith was subsequently released. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the case, with indications suggesting he may not face charges, according to a gun rights attorney interviewed by WRTV.

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In a poignant plea, Smith urged against criminal activities, expressing his confusion at the assailant’s actions, “Y’all need to find something productive to do. You don’t need to rob me. I keep to myself. The first thing I noticed was the kid had on brand-new Jordans. You’re trying to rob me, but you got brand-new Jordans on, man? I just don’t get it.”

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