In Memory of Matthew Perry: Friends Cast Attend Memorial

Hollywood Pays Tribute to Late ‘Friends’ Icon Matthew Perry

Late actor Matthew Perry, renowned for his role in the iconic sitcom ‘Friends,’ was mourned at a memorial held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.

The farewell event took place not far from the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, California, where ‘Friends’ was shot. Co-stars from the show, including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew LeBlanc, the late Perry, and Courteney Cox, were reportedly among those in attendance.

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Perry tragically passed away on October 28 as the result of an unexpected drowning incident at his Pacific Palisades residence, a fact confirmed by Fox News Digital.

A day before his sudden death, he had a pleasant lunch meeting with his friend, Athenna Crosby, who recalled his cheerful demeanor during their encounter.

An autopsy was conducted shortly after Perry’s passing, with the cause of death marked as ‘deferred,’ pending the results of a toxicology report by the County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner. The timeline for the official disclosure of his cause of death remains uncertain, as toxicology assessments typically require several weeks.

Contrary to speculations, no evidence of drugs was uncovered at Perry’s home at the time of his death, and there are no suspicions of foul play. Perry was a cherished figure in the world of television, with his breakthrough role as Chandler Bing in ‘Friends’ propelling him to fame at the age of 24.

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Reflecting on his life, Perry once stated during a November 2022 interview with Tom Power, ‘The best thing about me is if someone asks me, ‘I cannot quit drinking, will you help me?’ I can affirmatively say yes and follow through.’ He further expressed his desire to be remembered not only for his role in ‘Friends’ but for his efforts to assist others.

Soon after his death, the establishment of a charity named the Matthew Perry Foundation was announced. The foundation aims to support individuals grappling with addiction issues, echoing Perry’s longtime commitment to helping those in this struggle.

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Before his untimely demise, Perry had expressed interest in collaborating with Zac Efron once more. He had hoped that Efron would portray a younger version of himself in a potential biographical film.

Perry’s meeting with Crosby just prior to his passing offers additional insights into his final days. Crosby shared exclusively with Fox News Digital about their lunch meeting the day before Perry’s death, describing him as ‘extremely upbeat’ and ‘sober.’

She fiercely defended Perry against circulating rumors of a relapse, stating, ‘He was absolutely clear-headed when he died. While I cannot claim to know his innermost thoughts or feelings, I can only recount my interaction with him. He was positive, level-headed, eloquent, and gave no indication of drug or alcohol influence.’

Perry’s unexpected departure left the co-creators of ‘Friends,’ Marta Kauffman and David Crane, shocked and profoundly saddened. ‘We are still finding it difficult to believe that our dear friend Matthew is no longer with us. We are indeed fortunate to have had him as a part of our lives,’ they expressed to Fox News Digital.

‘Friends’ centered on the lives of six young individuals residing in Manhattan, with Perry’s character being one of them. His death shook his fellow cast members, who paid their own tributes to Perry two days after his passing.

In a heartfelt statement to People magazine, the ‘Friends’ cast expressed their devastation: ‘We’re extremely shaken by Matthew’s loss. We weren’t merely co-stars; we’re a family.’

The statement further mentioned, ‘There’s really so much we want to say, but right now, we need to take some time to process and grieve this unthinkable loss.’

The cast committed to sharing more of their thoughts when they felt ready. Their statement concluded with, ‘Our thoughts and love are currently focused on Matthew’s family, his friends, and everyone who adored him around the globe.’


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