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Illegal Chinese Bio Lab in Fresno Receives Financial Backing from Governor Newsom

Corruption Uncovered In Linking Gavin Newsome to Chinese Bio Lab


A recent revelation of a covert and unauthorized biological research facility in Fresno, California, allegedly involved in the development of genetically engineered mice carrying COVID-19, has raised eyebrows and set the political world abuzz.

Surprisingly, this facility reportedly received financial backing from Governor Gavin Newsom.

Governor Newsom, already a prominent figure in the political landscape, has been widely discussed as a potential Democratic candidate in the 2024 elections, especially if President Biden chooses not to seek re-election.

Given the nature of the allegations linked to the bio-lab, it’s intriguing to see whether prominent media outlets will confront him on this issue or if it will be overshadowed by other national matters.

Drawing from a report in the National Review, it was highlighted that “court documents indicate the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) carried out extensive tests on over 800 chemicals discovered at the site.”

The findings? Over 20 infectious agents, some of which include Hepatitis B and C, streptococcus pneumonia, chlamydia, rubella, and Herpes types 1 and 5. As a federal probe intensifies, many are left wondering: to whom does the financial trail point?

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Interestingly, a document from Governor Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development, dated March 24, 2019, has been brought to light.

This document details a tax credit allocation agreement worth $360,000 with an entity referred to as UMI.

This revelation prompts critical questions regarding state oversight, fiscal responsibility, and the due diligence of funds allocation.

One might argue that Newsom’s office, in its quest for “economic development,” may have been indiscriminate in its financial endorsements. However, the inadvertent support for what is now revealed as an illicit Chinese research lab warrants further scrutiny.

Oversight is crucial when it comes to taxpayer money, and one might expect stringent checks, especially when international collaborations are in the mix.

But this episode underscores the pitfalls of unchecked fiscal allocations, potentially leading to unintended, and in this case, unsettling consequences.

The gravity of the situation is palpable.

While many may use humor as a defense mechanism, alluding to Dr. Anthony Fauci and theories around pangolins or racoon dogs, the core issue remains: the discovery of such a facility on American soil is deeply concerning.

In an era of increasing transparency and accountability, the public and media must be vigilant, holding elected officials to the highest standards.


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