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Hunter’s Sugar Brother Acquires Stake in Chinese Firm to Protect Hunters Initial Investment

Biden Associate Expands Reach with Acquisition of Chinese Equity


Legal practitioner and long-known associate of Hunter Biden, Kevin Morris, made known to congress members his retained interest in a certain Chinese private equity firm previously belonging to the president’s son.

Recognized as a dependable ally to Hunter for settling his outstanding tax dues and further obligations with substantial financial assistance, Morris disclosed, in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, his ongoing 10% possession in Bohai Harvest RST LLC (BHR). The ownership is traced back to his acquisition of Skaneateles LLC during autumn 2021—a firm once under Hunter’s name—as the latter faced burgeoning demands to offload his stake.

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In accordance to a transcript analyzed by Fox News Digital, Morris alluded to attorney-client discretion when queried about the motivations leading him to procure Skaneateles. However, he did disclose an insightful perception of potential prosperity in backing BHR. Amidst the session, he admitted vague recollection of the exact nature of these investments, but named ‘infrastructure’ as the common denominator.

Speaking of the deal, Morris highlighted his business acumen in evaluating it. ‘I carried out the deal since, as an entrepreneur, I found the prospects promising and successful,’ he remarked. ‘Doing due diligence was crucial, and being aware of how much Hunter paid initially offered perspective. The potential for profits remains evident to me.”

Andrew Bates, today serving as Deputy Press Secretary at the White House, who held a spokesperson role for the Biden campaign back in 2020, has also featured in this narrative. April 2020 saw a contrasting moment between Bates and Tim Murtaugh, then the Trump campaign’s communication director. Murtaugh was labelled dishonest by Bates after he questioned the media regarding follow-ups on Hunter’s listing as a director with a 10% equity in BHR.

Morris left members of Congress in doubt regarding Hunter’s future engagements with BHR. When asked, he could not confirm nor deny whether Hunter had any possibilities of repurchasing a stake in the Chinese firm. The question of Hunter’s future involvement with the company remains unanswered.

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After Morris shed light on these financial transactions before lawmakers, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer voiced his apprehension bounding Morris’s financial buoyancy for his client. The combination of extensive monetary loans to Hunter and ownership in BHR painted an ethical conundrum in Comer’s assessment.

‘It wasn’t very long after an interaction between Biden and Morris in a 2019 Joe Biden campaign event, when suddenly, Morris started addressing Hunter’s tax obligations,’ said Comer. He stated, ‘This move was strategic to insulate candidate Joe Biden from any potential political fallout. As per Morris, he has provided at least $5 million to Biden’s son through loans.’

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Comer showcased the questionable structure of these loans, remarking they lacked a repayment clause until after the forthcoming Presidential election and they might even end up being waived. This he stated while highlighting the tremendous financial support that Morris has offered to the President’s son.

‘Morris’s financial support has given him an open door to the Biden White House and unprecedented access to the President,’ added Comer. He then discussed a seeming pattern where Hunter’s acquaintances manage to reach President Joe Biden. He stated, ‘As we proceed with additional interviews, we continue to unravel the enormity of President Biden and his family’s questionable dealings.’

Nevertheless, Morris clarified that he and Hunter ensured they sought advice from lawyers over these transactions. He remains ‘confident’ about receiving his repayment from Hunter. Moreover, Morris refuted any presumption about the President or his administration rewarding him in exchange for these loans.

He expressed that his primary objective was merely to assist a colleague and no law prevented him from doing so. Though he admitted to providing substantial monetary support to Hunter, he adamantly underscored that it was out of personal regard and friendship—completely independent of any expectations of favors or access to the White House.

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