Hunter Biden’s tax investigation may lack legitimacy and credibility, warns law professor


Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, has cautioned that if half of the allegations made by IRS whistleblowers are true, then Hunter Biden’s tax investigation’s legitimacy and credibility would be severely undermined.

Turley informed Fox News Digital that Americans need to keep in mind that accusations are not evidence and that the whistleblowers’ testimony remains unverified but unquestionably worth investigating. However, even if only partly valid, these accusations would harm public trust in Hunter Biden’s tax investigation. Turley warned that if half of the whistleblowers’ allegations were proven, the investigation’s integrity and credibility would be severely undermined, necessitating an inquiry to answer these questions.

Professor Turley stressed that whistleblowers’ claims are unverified but are clearly worth looking into and that some of this evidence comes from comments given to Congress under the threat of prosecution if false.

Thus, the proposed push for felony claims is also a matter that whistleblowers may have direct involvement in or knowledge of as the basis for their allegations. Turley makes these comments in light of damning allegations made by IRS whistleblowers about Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case.

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The House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday released statements from two IRS whistleblowers who claimed that Justice Department, FBI, and IRS officials had interfered with the tax evasion investigation against Hunter Biden. The whistleblowers stated that decisions in the case appeared to be influenced by politics.

One of the whistleblowers, Gary Shapley Jr., the supervisor overseeing the investigation at the IRS, stated that at every level of the investigation, decisions were made that favored the target of the investigation (Hunter Biden). Shapley made reference to several examples of apparent references to Hunter Biden’s father, such as emails and text messages obtained from Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski.

According to Shapley, investigators were preparing to interview Biden associate Rob Walker in December 2020. President Biden is referred to as ‘the big guy.’ Shapley explained that when several people in the room objected and determined that they should ask, the investigator replied that there was no specific criminal aspect to that line of questioning, which agitated the FBI. Shapley asserts that everyone present (except for the prosecutors) disagreed with not inquiring about President Biden.

The IRS whistleblowers’ claims have sparked controversy and suspicion regarding the tax evasion investigation into Hunter Biden. If even a portion of the allegations made against the IRS’s conduct during this investigation are accurate, it may jeopardize the integrity of the inquiry. Moreover, it is essential to note that none of these allegations have yet been verified, making them still unproven accusations.

Any assertions made by the whistleblowers must be verified before being taken as fact. Nonetheless, the allegations have raised legitimate concerns regarding Hunter Biden’s case and have called into question the impartiality and fairness of the investigation. All allegations must be thoroughly investigated for the benefit of everyone involved in this case, as well as to ensure fairness and uprightness in all future investigations.

The controversy over Hunter Biden’s case is a trivial issue that may have long-term implications for Biden’s presidency and his political allies. It is imperative for President Biden to ensure that these allegations are thoroughly investigated to protect the integrity of the presidency and the government as a whole.

The bigger picture here is that the American people deserve to have faith in the justice system and its ability to investigate crimes impartially. Efforts to cover up for political purposes and the inappropriate wielding of power are unacceptable. Because the allegations made by whistleblowers raise legitimate concerns about the potential misuse of power and the possibility of political influences in criminal investigations, it is necessary to investigate them to ensure that the justice system operates impartially and independently of politics.

From the information available thus far, it seems that the IRS’s handling of the Hunter Biden tax evasion investigation may have been compromised by outside political pressures. It raises concern about the impartiality of such investigations and the importance of isolating them from political influence. Given the weight of the charges against Hunter Biden, it is critical to ensure that the investigation into his tax affairs is conducted fairly and independently.

One of the critical principles of the justice system is that all parties are treated equally, regardless of their social status or political affiliations. Consequently, any hint of influence or political pressure in the system must be taken seriously and investigated with utmost care. Thus, allegations made by whistleblowers in Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case must be investigated thoroughly to determine whether or not the investigation has been influenced by outside factors that could undermine confidence in the integrity of the justice system.

Moreover, investigating these allegations sends a message that no one is above the law and that the justice system has no political motive. It is essential to get to the bottom of the IRS’s conduct in Hunter Biden’s case and ensure that such misconduct does not happen again. The whistleblowers’ allegations must be taken into account to restore trust in the US justice system.

Partisan politics have no place in law enforcement, and any irregularities in criminal investigations must be pursued and investigated to ensure that the justice system remains impartial and fair. The allegations leveled by IRS whistleblowers against the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs suggest that the integrity of the investigation may have been compromised.

It is critical for the health of the US justice system to investigate these allegations thoroughly. They cannot be ignored or dismissed merely because of their political nature. The integrity of the justice system needs to be safeguarded, and the only way we can achieve this is by ensuring that investigations remain free of partisan politics and that every case is treated impartially and fairly.

Thus, it is essential to investigate these allegations to determine whether there have been any irregularities in the investigation or whether political pressures have influenced the inquiry’s impartiality. Such investigations revealing irregularities and misconduct can help reinstate trust in the US justice system, which is a critical element in upholding the rule of law.

The allegations by the IRS whistleblowers may damage the Hunter Biden tax evasion inquiry’s credibility and validity if found to have merit. Hence, it is crucial for such allegations to be thoroughly and impartially examined. This inquiry is necessary not only to investigate and penalize any associated wrongdoing but also to reinstate public faith in the justice system and its ability to operate independently and impartially.

The US justice system’s integrity and impartiality must be preserved at all costs, and political influence must be eliminated. That is why it is imperative to investigate the allegations of irregularities and bias raised by IRS whistleblowers in Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case. By doing so, we can restore trust in the justice system and ensure that it continues to serve the American people with impartiality and transparency, regardless of who is in power.


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