Hunter Biden’s plea deal highlights corruption in US justice system

Lenient sentencing for Hunter Biden raises questions about US justice system


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The ideal of ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ as inscribed on the U.S. Supreme Court has been rendered meaningless. Hunter Biden’s plea deal, which allows him to evade severe criminal charges for which any other American would have been imprisoned, is a complete mockery of the law.

The investigation into his misconduct lasted over five years, and the evidence against him was indisputable. Hunter evaded taxes on millions of dollars that he earned from his corrupt influence-peddling schemes; using his connections to his powerful father to gain access to overseas sources. Additionally, he demonstrated his blatant disregard for the law by lying on a gun form and illegally purchasing a firearm.

However, President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland have rewritten the criminal code to grant a special exemption for the Biden family, allowing them to break the law with impunity.

This unequal application of the law is now sanctioned by those in power, suggesting that the privileged class receives preferential treatment while the rest of Americans are held strictly accountable to the law.

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The lenient sentencing for Hunter Biden also calls into question the integrity of David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, who ultimately negotiated only a minor plea instead of pursuing more serious felony charges. His statement claiming that a further investigation into Hunter is ongoing does little to quell suspicions that it is all a charade.

Whistleblowers have alleged that the DOJ, FBI and IRS all protected the Bidens by using undue influence and political favoritism to shield them from accusations of criminality and Hunter Biden’s recent plea deal only corroborates these claims.

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Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop alone provides proof implicating his father in a wide range of corrupt schemes, which helped add to the family’s wealth. The evidence points to Joe Biden’s active participation in secret deals that exploited his public office for personal gain, profiting from his influence over foreign policy decisions in countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Despite the underhanded nature of these deals and the fact that they involved secret transactions and shell companies, few charges have been levelled on the Biden family, securing them immunity under the guise of political protection with complete disregard for the law of the land.

The extent of the Biden family’s corruption is staggering, and it is no mystery that the money obtained from these dubious deals came from countries directly impacted by Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions such as Russia and Ukraine. One must ask what they were selling, and more importantly, what was being bought by the Bidens.

Did they endanger America’s national security in the process? Are they guilty of conspiring against the country for their enrichment? We may get answers by scrutinizing unclassified FBI documents allegedly revealing criminal schemes perpetrated by the Bidens and a Burisma executive, according to a trusted, highly credible FBI source. This seems to corroborate Joe Biden’s account of threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer aid to Ukraine to get Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating Burisma, fired.

Joe Biden’s alleged influence peddling is not limited to Ukraine; evidence shows that he participated in similar acts of corruption in several other countries, as detailed in his laptop records and other documents.

Not surprisingly, Hunter Biden never bothered to comply with the laws regulating Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which makes his transactions illegal. The fact that nobody has ever been charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act only further proves the powerful protection given to influential families like the Bidens.

It is high time for Congress to act when the Department of Justice refuses to do so. A majority of Americans recognize the rampant corruption that exists within the Biden family. It is imperative that evidence of criminality and misconduct be exposed.

The suspects have been given a free pass by the DOJ and the FBI in order to protect them from prosecution. But while the people in power may think they can get away with this, there is a growing sense of resentment among the ordinary citizens who demand justice and equality before the law.

It is an insidious and corrupting influence if politics were to infiltrate and overtake the justice system. President Joe Biden and his administration are closely tied to the system, and the problem appears to be much worse than previously thought. In this case, all evidence points towards corruption at the highest echelons of government with the Bidens and their network of influence peddling in which foreign powers were involved.

If Congress doesn’t act, American democracy might suffer, and the country will be more sharply divided than ever because the working class sees how the elites operate within the country. The Democratic Party’s treatment of the Bidens is blatantly privileged rather than just and fair, which feeds into the growing narrative of the Party where only their own interests matter instead of the people. They appear to be fighting for equity and fairness, yet they give a clear pass to the elites for getting away with corruption and misconduct.

Corrupt politicians and elites who bend the rules to benefit themselves are never held accountable, creating a toxic culture that encourages others, to also make deals based on personal gain. This problem is not just limited to the Bidens; it’s rampant across the country. We need to hold the ruling class accountable, regardless of their connections or political affiliations. Elected officials are supposed to work for the people, not for their own interests.

The Bidens need to be held to account and should be treated the same as any other citizen of America; they are not above the law. When lawmakers fail to punish such influential families, regardless of their political affiliations, they create a breeding ground for more corruption in the future. It’s high time that the elites at the top are treated like ordinary citizens.

Unchecked corruption and influence peddling bring destruction to countries and eventually lead to a society’s collapse. It breeds cynicism among people who already are struggling drastically and undermines political coherence and social cohesion.

Letting off citizens based on their wealth or political influence undermines democracy and creates a sense of disillusionment among ordinary people who suffer every day from the corrupt elite’s machinations. The system must work for the welfare of all people, regardless of their power, wealth, or status. We must ensure that the justice system truly upholds equality before the law.

The Biden family saga highlights the ongoing need for electoral reform, ethical governance, and legal reform in the U.S.. The trust of the American people needs to be earned and not taken for granted.

The Biden family’s corrupt dealings undermine the trust of the American people, but the elites and political class underestimate the intelligence and diligence of the public. The constant betrayal by the elites and the political class erodes the legitimacy of these institutions. If this system doesn’t work, then people will surely lose faith in democracy. The Biden family must face legal action, not immunity from the law that has ramifications for the entire country’s political and economic stability.

The Bidens’ corruption should not be covered up or ignored. It is the responsibility of responsible individuals to call out lawbreakers and to make sure that there are consequences for their actions. In this instance, the Biden family – clear perpetrators of corruption and influence peddling – have been given a pass. It is deeply disappointing, but it is not the end. We must continue to demand justice, no matter how long it takes – a fair, impartial justice system is fundamental to the preservation of the American democracy and must be promoted at every turn.


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