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Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Spotted Smoking Bong During Visit 

Biden and Morris: A High-Stakes Tandem Under Scrutiny


A legal and advisory figure in Hunter Biden’s life, identified as Kevin Morris, was observed using a water pipe, commonly known as a bong, from the comfort of his home in the scenic lands of Malibu, California while in the presence of the president’s son.

As for whether the substance being consumed was legal or illegal, it remains uncertain. It’s important to note that California state law allows for the legal recreational use of marijuana. The unexpected visit of Hunter Biden to the residence of Morris was initially picked up by the Daily Mail.

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All this occurred in the backdrop of an ongoing inquiry by the House Oversight Committee into the Biden family’s financial transactions.

The investigative journey took an unforeseen detour with the public exposure of an FBI document. The document outlines allegations relating to exchanges between Hunter Biden, along with his father, President Biden, and Mykola Zlochevsky, the CEO of Burisma.

As per the document in question, the Biden duo and Zlochevsky purportedly ‘coerced’ the Burisma head honcho to provide monetary compensation in the millions in return for aid to dismiss a Ukrainian prosecutor scrutinizing the company.

Kevin Morris, a renowned legal luminary in the Hollywood circle, has taken on an increasingly significant role in Hunter’s existence, so much so that Morris, with his affluence, has earned the nickname as Biden’s ‘sugar brother’.

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The partnership between them extends to an array of sectors, ranging from supplementing financial assistance, contributing to the composition of a book, to the provision of a personal aircraft.

Outside the widely publicized child-support trial, The Post reported flight logs that suggest Morris’ aircraft embarked from or touched down in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a minimum of nine occasions from February 2022 to April 2023.

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Multiple reports point to Morris aiding Hunter Biden to uphold an allegedly opulent mode of living, in part by taking care of some part of his residential and upkeep expenses. A notable event that stands testament to his financial assistance is a loan of over $2 million given to Biden to help him settle overdue taxes.

This monetary obligation is in particular focus in the ongoing Justice Department probe spread over several years investigating possible instances of tax evasion and other potential illegal activities.

Morris continues to guide Biden not only where legal matters are concerned but also in personal and other financial dealings.

His advice extends from things like a child-support litigation and responses to continued federal investigations into Biden’s tax and commercial affairs. Emails and official documentation suggest that Morris also oversees some high-priced assets owned by Biden.

An updated collaboration agreement for BHR Partners, originally accessed by the nonprofit investigative team Marco Polo, recognizes Morris as the operational chief of Biden’s LLC.

Amid the continuous inquiries into Hunter Biden’s financial activities, Morris lent a helping hand for the completion of Hunter’s 2021 memoir, ‘Beautiful Things’, which provides an insightful narrative into his battles with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Morris’ professional pursuits include work on a documentary expected to act as a companion piece to the memoir, presenting Biden’s journey of redemption while portraying him as someone who has borne the brunt of relentless conservative criticisms and Republican attacks over recent times.

When the public became aware of Morris’ ties to Biden in the earlier part of last year, film producer Phelim McAleer criticized the attorney’s conduct as ‘unethical’.

McAleer commented that had he been privy to Morris’ advisory roles in legal and media capacities to Hunter Biden, his interactions with Morris would’ve been drastically different.

Morris chose not to immediately reply to the request for comments made by Fox News Digital. The events as they unfolded only further added to the intrigue around the association between Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris.

This unfolds as Morris has defined his place in Biden’s life as a confidant and financial ally. Whether the extent of the support provided contributes to an alleged opulent lifestyle for Biden remains a point for investigation.

The cooperative ventures between Morris and Biden are seen by many as evidence of how closely entwined their personal and professional lives have become. However, some critics argue that validation of this significant bond only came to light after Morris’ choices were scrutinized.

Growing speculation surrounds the potential implications of Morris and Biden’s intertwined personal, financial, and legal connections. The degree to which this relationship might impact the ongoing investigations and inquiries into Hunter Biden’s business dealings only sets to increase.

As more facts come to light about this association, more questions arise as to the nature and implications of these interactions. The scrutiny on this liaison adds another layer of complexity to the story and only time will reveal the true depth of their interconnected lives.


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