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Hunter Facing Criminal Contempt in Child Support Case

Hunter Biden’s Child Support Battle Puts Spotlight on Family’s Ups and Downs


President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was spotted in Little Rock on Friday for a deposition regarding his long-standing paternity and child support case.

The 53-year-old is fighting to lessen the $20,000-per-month payments to the child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, aged 32, from Batesville, where the couple’s 4-year-old daughter resides.

Taking place at the Stephens Inc. building on 111 Center Street, the deposition was attended by court officials, including a court reporter and attorneys representing Biden and Roberts.

This case has been ongoing since 2019 and has heated up over the past 2 months. In fact, Judge Don McSpadden has requisitioned everyone to appear in court next month for a hearing set for July 10th.


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Clint Lancaster, one of Roberts’ attorneys, has claimed that he is going to file for criminal contempt against Biden. If convicted, the consequences can result in either a fine or even jail time.

Hunter Biden has been involved in several controversies in the past, including the dubious business dealings of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, for which he served on the board.

He was also mentioned in the 2019 Ukraine scandal that led to his father being impeached by the House of Representatives.

The younger Biden has had his fair share of bad press because of his father’s position as president. Hunter has had to navigate allegations from conservatives, who say he has benefited from nepotism and corruption within the Biden administration.

Hunter Biden is a wealthy man, thanks to his high profile and myriad of business dealings that are the subject of several investigations.

Biden has been accused of using his father’s influence to secure lucrative business deals in Ukraine and China, but nothing has yet resulted in any indictments.

The origins of this child support case could be because of Hunter Biden’s unsavory reputation, which dogs him on a regular basis from conservatives in the media.

The spotlight on Hunter Biden has been especially harsh since Democrats pushed for impeachment against former president Donald Trump, based on allegations relating to Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Many conservatives believe that the Democrats gave Hunter Biden a free pass to cover up the extent of corruption within the Biden family.

In addition, Hunter Biden’s transgressions extend beyond supposed business misconduct. Hunter Biden, according to several sources, has struggled with addiction.

The younger Biden has been open about his addiction issues and has even mentioned them in his memoir. Some have speculated that his addiction may be the cause of his child support battles.

However, Joe Biden has been defending his son in interviews and speeches. The President has been known to praise Hunter for his strength and his desire to overcome addiction issues.

Joe Biden is also known for being a devoted family man, often discussing his love for his grandchildren and how Beau Biden, his deceased son, would have reacted to family events.

It is clear that the Biden family has been through ups and downs. Hunter Biden’s child support case is yet another chapter in their tumultuous lives. We will have to wait and see what the results of this case will be in court.

Despite the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, there is no denying that this case is a human issue, involving a father who, like many others, wants to take care of his child while remaining within his legal obligations.

In the end, only time will tell how this case plays out, and we can only hope that whatever the outcome, it will be in the best interest of all parties involved.


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