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Hunter Biden Allegations Face Scrutiny from Former Business Associate Bobulinski

Potential ‘False Information’: Unfolding Drama in Biden-Bobulinski Matter


Tony Bobulinski, who has previously identified as a business collaborator of Hunter Biden, put forth a proposal for a mutual appearance in a Congressional testimony. This comes subsequent to the legal team for the President’s son, Hunter Biden, alleging that Bobulinski may have falsified information presented to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concerning their professional engagement.

According to Fox News, a document containing 10 pages sent from Hunter Biden’s legal agent, Abbe Lowell, to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, implied that Bobulinski delivered false information during an October 23, 2020 interview with the FBI. In this interaction, Bobulinski discussed his association with the President’s son and details about their joint venture.

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The letter urged Graves to scrutinize Bobulinski’s declarations which it characterizes as ‘untrue’, in relation to his actions. Bobulinski reportedly worked in partnership with Hunter Biden in establishing SinoHawk Holdings, their mutual enterprise with CEFC, a Chinese energy corporation. The situation progressed to the extent where Bobulinski put forth his willingness to testify for a grand jury focusing on Hunter Biden, however, no response was claimed to have been received.

The statement from Bobulinski at a hotel in Nashville on October 22, 2020, prior the final debate of the presidential election, sparks interest. He asserted that the 10-page document sent by Mr. Lowell to U.S. Attorney Graves included a series of allegations which he declares outrightly false.

Bobulinski commented with assertiveness, stating, ‘The sad reality of the situation is that Hunter, Jim, Joe Biden, and Abbe Lowell are knowledgeable that these claims are baseless and yet are trying to utilize DOJ as a weapon against me.’ This quote implies that all the involved parties are fully aware of the baselessness of the claims.

Looking closely at the letter, Lowell reportedly accuses Bobulinski of presenting a false narrative about the underlying discussions between the partners within the business venture. Lowell emphasizes that the provided materials highlight the extraordinary steps Bobulinski and others were inclined to take to draw Hunter Biden and his family into ungrounded claims of misconduct.

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Lowell writes, ‘In an era where individuals willingly peddle conscious fabrications with the objective of obtaining political advantage, the declarations by Mr. Bobulinski can’t and mustn’t be left unchallenged.’ This indicates Lowell’s persistent intention to refute all claims made by Bobulinski.

Furthermore, Lowell makes assertions challenging Bobulinski’s presence in Miami during 2017, specifically for preliminary discussions involving Hunter Biden, CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming and other associates. Lowell points to a notable email from May 13, 2017, which provides details about the proposed financial support for their joint venture with CEFC.

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This particular email was first made public knowledge by Fox News Digital in the latter part of 2020. It initiates an interesting dialogue on equity distribution with references to ’20’ for ‘H’ and ’10 held by H for the big guy?’ without further clarification. Bobulinski has consistently claimed that ‘the big guy’ mentioned in this context refers to Joe Biden.

Introducing a new angle, IRS informants Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who have accused political elements of influencing the extensive federal investigation into Hunter Biden, have also mentioned that ‘the big guy’ in this context is widely believed to refer to Joe Biden.

Reading deeper into the letter, Lowell alleges Bobulinski of creating a non-existent narrative and goes on to suggest that Bobulinski had no factual basis for the referenced ‘big guy’ or associating it with Joe Biden. Lowell expressed this could be Bobulinski’s personal speculation and not based on any concrete evidence.

According to Lowell in the letter, Bobulinski’s declarations were deliberately inflated to magnify the relatively brief business association he had with Hunter Biden. Lowell mentions this exaggerated narrative could lead to incorrect assumptions that Mr. Biden and Jim Biden were engaged in unofficial dealings with CEFC Chairman Ye during the tenure of Joe Biden as Vice President.

Lowell brands Bobulinski’s ‘lie’ as the ‘false narrative that conveniently serves as the unwarranted basis of an impeachment inquiry initiated by House Republicans and the justification for Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony.’ This showcases the view of Lowell about the real intent behind Bobulinski’s testimony.

The House Oversight Committee, heading the investigation in tandem with the House Judiciary and House Ways & Means Committees, responded to Lowell’s request on social media platform, ‘X’, which was previously known as Twitter. The notably pointed response from the committee underscores the tension between the parties involved in this matter.

The Committee noted, ‘Hunter Biden and his legal team are persisting with their attacks on anyone challenging the Bidens.’ It went on to identify Tony Bobulinski as their latest target, highlighting that Bobulinski is potentially a crucial witness in the ongoing investigation and that any kind of intimidation against witnesses won’t be tolerated.

The concluding statement from the Oversight Committee read, ‘The truth about this matter will be revealed soon, regardless of the aggressive tactics being employed by the Biden team. We will provide Hunter with an opportunity to clarify this situation and engage in dialogue with us soon.’ This solidifies the Committee’s commitment to proceed with the investigation, maintaining its integrity.


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