Hundreds Gather Outside White House To Demand Tougher Sanctions On Russia

On Thursday, hundreds of Ukraine supporters gathered outside the White House to demand that President Biden impose tougher sanctions on Russia.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine Thursday, protests around the world have broken out in support of Ukraine.

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According to the OVD-Info monitor, police had made at least 1,702 arrest in 53 Russian cities the first day of protests in Russia.

In Times Square in New York City, crowds of demonstrators gathered with a plan to march to the Russian Mission, and then up to the Russian Consulate.

Protests were also seen in France, Germany, Scotland, and Ireland.

Though Biden announced new sanctions against Russia and deployed 7,000 additional U.S. troops to Germany, many Americans feel it is not enough.

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“I came here today to ask our president to impose better sanctions on Russia because the sanctions that he announced, to be honest, are not really enough,” a man at the protest told Fox News.

Another protester, Maria, told Fox “I want the whole world to know that this is time to act”. “We need to act because we are protecting not only Ukraine, but the whole Western civilization”.

The sanctions imposed target major Russian banks and put “new limitations” on what can be imported to Russia.

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Many demonstrators expressed their concern that Putin will not stop at Ukraine. One man told Fox that “Putin is the next Hitler”.

The protesters were seen carrying signs and wrapping themselves in Ukrainian flags. Some signs read “Stop Putin’s War,” “Putin Will Find Out Ukraine Is No Game,” and “We Stand With Ukraine”.

During his announcement of the new sanctions, Biden said “Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will bear the consequences”.


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