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House Speaker Mike Johnson Has May Have Enough Votes to Begin Biden Impeachment

Urgent Call for Democratic Support: Johnson Forges Ahead in Biden Impeachment


Louisiana’s House Speaker, Mike Johnson, recently offered some disquieting news for President Joe Biden as the President’s campaign for reelection in 2024 starts to accelerate.

Speaking in a weekend interview on Fox News, Johnson, a Republican, claimed that he is confident in possessing a sufficient number of Republican votes to set in motion a process of impeachment against Biden. Johnson pointedly suggested that while he doesn’t anticipate any Democrats to participate in the initiative, he firmly believes they should lend their support.

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Moreover, Johnson portrayed the impeachment inquiry as a ‘required measure’ during the interview. ‘At this point in time, it’s an obligation we need to fulfill,’ he stated. Elaborating on his and Rep. Elise Stefanik’s previous involvement in defending Donald J. Trump against the Democrat’s impeachment attempts, he asserts that the current scenario is starkly different.

In Johnson’s perspective, Republicans are the ones deeply committed to upholding the legalities, and thus must act in an orderly, methodical fashion.

In recent times, the President’s administration has found itself under close scrutiny from Republicans in the House due to allegations surrounding his family’s foreign business affairs and purported misuse of the government machinery. As per Johnson, those spearheading the investigations into these claims have consistently faced obstructions from the White House.

Johnson shed light on the fact that the committees with jurisdiction — Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means — had performed commendably in following the trail of evidence.

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‘However, we’re now encountering a blockade created by the White House, which is barring at least two or three DOJ witnesses from presenting their accounts, coupled with a former counsel from the White House, and the national archives,’ he said. The White House, he added, has been withholding a multitude of evidence documents.

Only a month ago, Johnson had revealed that the Republican-driven impeachment inquiry had reached a stage where they were ready to hear from ‘crucial’ witnesses under sworn oath. Johnson elaborated that he had recently received updates on the case from the Chairman of the Oversight committee, James Comer, who is leading the investigation, along with Jim Jordan and Jason Smith, who have been entrusted with assisting in the investigation.

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Johnson stated, as evidence of the impeachment inquiry, ‘we’ve uncovered the unethical behavior of the president’s immediate family and also proof that he and officials from the White House have continuously misled about the president’s knowledge and involvement in those foreign business operations.’

He also pointed out that the probe had unveiled millions of dollars from overseas adversaries being funneled into shell companies controlled by Biden’s son, brother, and their business partners.

Moving forward, Johnson believes that the sensible next step is to interrogate key witnesses under oath, potentially under the threat of perjury, in order to gather further data and insights. In conclusion, he appreciated the diligent efforts of Chairmen Comer, Jordan, and Smith, giving them his unreserved endorsement as the investigation heads towards a critical turning point.

The announcement of the impeachment inquiry was initially made by then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in late September. McCarthy stated, ‘Today, I am directing our House committees to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden.’

He added that his decision was not reached lightly but was rooted in a belief that all Americans, irrespective of political affiliations or voting preferences, should become aware and concerned about the potential misuse of public offices.

McCarthy, at that time, had also urged President Biden and his cabinet to cooperate fully with the impeachment procedures. He affirmed his commitment to adhere to the directions indicated by the evidence, implying that they wouldn’t hesitate to venture wherever it may lead them.

Earlier that same month, Comer had started to send out the initial subpoenas to members of Biden’s family, including his son Hunter and brother James. This move further highlighted the House Republicans’ determination to follow through with their plans to investigate the allegations.

In the given week, Jim Jordan stated that Republicans plan on finalizing whether or not to proceed with formalizing Biden’s impeachment early in the coming year. He added that though the impeachment investigation still needs some refining, many supporters have already voiced their belief that there exists enough evidence to progress towards impeachment.

Jordan affirmed that he thinks they will be able to conclude the depositions and interviews within this year and decide in the early phase of next year whether the existing evidence is substantial enough to justify the shift towards drafting articles of impeachment and progressing to the subsequent phase of investigation.

Regardless of the final outcome, this situation stands testament to the robustness of our democratic processes, where even the highest office is subject to scrutiny and accountability. As the events unfold, we have to rely on our elected officials to conduct thorough, impartial investigations in service of the truth and the American public.

In conclusion, as we observe these developments, we are reminded of the central role played by our democratic institutions in ensuring that no one is above the law. These developments also underscore the importance of credibility, integrity, and accountability at the highest echelons of our nation’s political structure.


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