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House Speaker Johnson to Uphold Vote for Biden Impeachment – ‘We Have No Choice’ 

Constituting Justice: Johnson’s Approach to Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry


In a stride towards maintaining the principle of ‘rule of law’, House Speaker Mike Johnson openly backed a forthcoming vote this week. The purpose of this vote is to set in stone the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Johnson strove to differentiate this process from the ‘hasty impeachment’ of President Trump previously orchestrated by Democrats, stressing that Republicans are unyieldingly dedicated to the enforcement of law.

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Through a dialogue with Chad Pergram, Johnson was queried about the anticipated demand from the GOP base to put forth an impeachment vote well ahead of the fast-approaching 2024 presidential elections in spring.

Johnson highlighted that House Republicans have reached a deadlock in their efforts to investigate President Biden’s potential role in the business transactions of Hunter Biden – asserting a lack of cooperation from the White House as the root cause of this issue.

Johnson emphasized that the seemingly insurmountable barrier arises from the White House’s attempts to obstruct the investigation.

This includes hindering the appearance of potential witnesses and withholding a considerable volume of documents related to the case. He reiterated that the scheduled resolution vote to approve the impeachment inquiry does not equate to an actual vote for impeachment, as these are two distinct processes.

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Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Johnson expressed, ‘Our hands are tied by our constitutional obligations. We must proceed with the next step in this process. This isn’t a decision guided by politics. It’s grounded in legality.’ During the House Republican Conference Press Conference on Tuesday, Johnson reiterated Republicans’ commitment to abide by the Constitution and follow due process.

Speaking further, Johnson elaborated, ‘Public sentiment may swing one way or the other. However, we can’t allow biases to influence the proceedings. The Constitution forbids it. We are called upon to follow the truth wherever it may lead us, irrespective of the complexities it might entail. That’s precisely what we are committed to do.’

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Johnson addressed the irritation stemming from the duration spent on the impeachment probe and said, ‘this echoes what our Founding Fathers envisioned for such scenarios.’ He argued against rushing impeachments, such as the one Democrats brought against President Trump, emphasising the importance of thoroughness and transparency.

He criticized the hurried impeachments from the Democrats as being counterproductive and detrimental to the true essence of justice. Johnson added, ‘Such impatience stems from the public’s growing impatience. However, in upholding the Constitution and maintaining integrity, one can’t accelerate the process. The facts need to be followed meticulously.’

When questioned about the potential pressure to secure an impeachment vote while commanding a fine-line majority, Johnson responded with determination. Regarding potential hesitations in the spring to impeach the president based on the inquiry’s findings, Johnson was asked about his comfort level in indirectly acquitting the President potentially just before a presidential race.

Johnson argued the focus was on upholding justice rather than politics, stating, ‘We can’t afford to speculate on this matter’s conclusion prematurely.’ Johnson asserted his commitment to pursuing justice and upholding the integrity of the ‘rule of law’ team, irrespective of the political circumstances.

The upcoming Wednesday vote is primed to enable the relevant House committees – Judiciary, Oversight and Ways and Means, to persist with their probes into the business operations of the Biden family. House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer, explained that these investigations had been hampered by continued ‘stonewalling’ by the current Administration.

Emmer conveyed, at the press conference, that the Justice Department had refused the testimony of two attorneys before the House Judiciary Committee. Additionally, the White House clarified to House Oversight and Accountability Chair Rep. James Comer and House Judiciary Chair Rep. Jim Jordan that they would not concede to subpoenas or requests for interviews without a formal vote.

Emmer elaborated further that the National Archives had retained a multitude of documents and emails related to the investigation. He suggested a resolution vote to aid in defending congressional investigations in court and ensuring enforceability of subpoenas, arguing it would lay a solid groundwork for their process.

He stated, ‘Approval of an impeachment inquiry does not implicitly translate into an impeachment. We will maintain our focus on following the evidence through its twists and turns. In the event we uncover acts of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors, we will take the prerequisite steps towards impeachment proceedings.’

Emmer concluded his statement with a resounding reminder of the accountability of all individuals under the law, irrespective of their position. He remarked, ‘Nobody in this country is exempt from the law. And that includes the serving President, Joe Biden.’

In the unfolding weeks, the path to justice seems to be long and winding, with multiple obstacles and a steep climb. Nevertheless, the determination of the Republicans to adhere to constitutionality and truth is unmistakable. The echoes of their strong stand resonate through the halls of government, reminding everyone of their constitutional duty and justice’s inescapable reach.


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