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House Republicans Lose Power with Failed Debt Ceiling Leverage

President Biden’s Economic Plan Largely Unaffected by Debt Deal


House Republicans who support MAGA ideals have lost a great deal of power recently. Their intent was to use the debt ceiling as leverage, but they ultimately didn’t accomplish much. Their behavior was reckless, as they caused a debt crisis out of nothing and played a dangerous game with the country’s finances.

They were willing to damage the country’s credit and demanded cuts to programs that benefit vulnerable citizens. Despite all this, they achieved almost nothing for their cause and are now seen as powerless.

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The new deal has left President Biden’s economic plan mostly untouched, with only a few minor adjustments like reducing some funds from the IRS and removing the pause on federal student loan payments (which were due to expire soon anyway).

While it introduces new work requirements for certain individuals who receive federal aid, including childless adults who receive food stamps, it also increases spending on the program and provides assistance to more people. Medicaid remains unaffected.

I am skeptical that Kevin McCarthy has had a change of heart and decided to embrace compromise and bipartisanship. His position as speaker of the House still relies on support from the MAGA Republicans, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, and Lauren Boebert. Over the next few months, I expect House Republicans to try all sorts of appalling tactics – for instance, launching an impeachment trial against President Biden, calling Hunter Biden to testify in dirty proceedings, prioritizing freedom of religion over other values, and even flirting with a ban on abortion across the country. Their congressional hearings will receive plenty of coverage on Fox News and Newsmax, but they will go nowhere, and their bills will die in the Senate.

A quiet diplomatic approach is working for President Biden, at least for now. He did not attempt to rally the public behind him on the issue. He could have explained to the nation why the existence of the debt ceiling was both unconstitutional and detrimental to the country’s standing. He might have threatened to utilize the 14th Amendment and invited the courts to rule on it publicly. However, that is not Biden’s style. Over the course of his fifty years in public service, he has never given a speech with the potential to significantly alter public perception about an important topic. Biden won’t confront MAGA Republicans vocally in the next seventeen months, regardless of how outrageous their behavior gets. Instead, he will work in silence to implement his legislation related to infrastructure, technology, and climate.

In the mystery story by Sherlock Holmes, ‘The Dog That Didn’t Bark,’ the silence of Donald Trump in the weeks leading up to the agreement’s crucial moments was one of the most telling aspects of the situation. If Trump had expressed his opposition to the deal loudly, House Republicans would not have supported it in any way.

The deal to raise the debt ceiling will reduce expected increases in federal spending by $1.5 trillion over ten years, mainly by freezing some funding and limiting their growth to 1% in 2025. However, the national debt, as a percentage of the economy’s total size, will continue to grow. This is primarily due to the demographics of an aging population in the Baby Boomer generation, which will soon begin to retire and demand Social Security and Medicare benefits. Republicans are likely to interpret the savings they acquired from the debt deal as an invitation to make more tax cuts on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, as they did with the savings acquired from their 2011 deal which served as the foundation for the 2017 tax cut. Democrats must oppose this trend and urge the rich to pay their fair share of taxes. They must also advocate for bettering safety nets and government initiatives and work towards providing paid family leaves, vacations, and universal healthcare, affordable college and elder care. These issues are extremely popular among voters, so make them part of the campaign writing.

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The federal budget will be narrowed down to just Social Security, Medicare, and defense. Perhaps the most critical shift in Republican strategy, as indicated by the debt deal, is their newfound willingness to protect Social Security and Medicare. In 2005, George W. Bush attempted to privatize Social Security, but today, MAGA Republicans are going out of their way to uphold these programs. (President Trump warned them not to touch them.)

I don’t want to downplay the events that have just transpired. America has been able to avoid a considerable threat. President Biden handled the situation as well as he could, given the circumstances. However, the factors that led to the dangerous outcome have remained largely the same. MAGA Republicans are currently powerless, but they remain a significant threat to the nation.

The Republicans have lost a significant measure of political clout lately, even as they rallied around the issue of the debt ceiling. This is because their tactics were not responsible and, in fact, could have led to a significant economic crisis in the country. Although they tried to use the debt ceiling as a way of bargaining, ultimately, they got very little from it, and their power has been weakened as a result. They need to reassess their priorities if they want to be taken seriously again.

The new deal that has been agreed upon has had very little impact on President Biden’s agenda so far. He was able to secure most of what he wanted, and the new agreement does not affect Medicaid, which would have been a significant blow to millions of Americans if cuts had been made. However, some people who receive federal aid will now have to work for it, which is justifiable, but the new agreement provides assistance to more people and increases spending on related programs. This is all part of a larger trend of more generous safety nets and public investments that benefit Americans across the board.

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Many people are wondering whether or not the Republicans are going to challenge Biden’s policies more vocally in the coming months. While they may try all sorts of things, such as impeaching Biden, attempting to eliminate religious freedoms or even flirting with a national abortion ban, these moves are likely to fail. They may make headlines on Fox News and Newsmax, but they will not lead to any significant change. Biden is committed to working behind the scenes to achieve his legislative goals.

There has been much speculation over the president’s handling of the debt crisis. Some experts have argued that he should have been more vocal in his opposition to the debt ceiling and unveiled a more robust strategy for dealing with the crisis. However, this is not Biden’s style. Biden has spent over half a century working in public service, and he has always preferred a quieter approach. His experience has shown him that the best way to achieve change is by working in a methodical and reasoned manner.

Many people are concerned about the future of the country’s finances, given the trends that have been emerging in recent years. The national debt as a percentage of GDP has been increasing, and there are concerns that this trend could continue. However, this is largely due to the demographics of the aging population, which will put a massive strain on Social Security and Medicare. To address this issue, Democrats must advocate for a fairer tax system that requires the rich to pay their fair share. They must also work to improve safety nets and public investments in areas such as healthcare and education.

One of the most significant shifts in the Republican strategy in recent times has been their increased willingness to protect social security and Medicare. This is a far cry from the days of George W. Bush, who tried to privatize social security. Today, Republicans are going out of their way to protect these programs, as they know how popular they are with the American people. This is a positive trend that bodes well for the future.

In conclusion, while the recent debt deal has been successfully negotiated, some fundamental issues concerning the nation’s politics and economics still need to be addressed. The Republicans must re-assess their approaches and act responsibly if they are to win the confidence of the people again. The Democrats must continue to advocate for policies that enhance the lives of ordinary Americans and work towards reducing income inequality. Finally, the nation’s leaders must come together to address the demographic challenges that the country is facing and create policies and programs that ensure that future generations are not burdened by the mistakes of the past.


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