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House GOP Initiates Impeachment Inquiry Vote against President Biden

Possible Legal Proceedings against President Biden on the Horizon


Monday saw the commencement of preliminary moves by the GOP leaders in the House to initiate a vote authorizing an investigation into the impeachment of President Biden. This came after a full year spent thoroughly probing into claims that the President had indirectly given opportunistic entries to rogue foreign aspects via his son, Hunter Biden.

‘The reason behind this crucial vote is our belief that it might lead us to legal proceedings, even though it is not mandatory by law,’ informed Jordan to the press. Further elaborating on the matter, he stated, ‘The benefit of a house-wide vote is that if we receive approval from the majority, it strengthens our status in court, paving a more robust path in carrying out our constitutional oversight responsibility.’

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The Republican representative from Ohio also mentioned that the party has not yet concluded on the specific allegations that will be brought against the President, if the inquiry vote passes. He further added that he hopes to witness the participation of about 10 individuals in front of his committee over the coming six to seven weeks.

These individuals include Hunter Biden himself, along with President Biden’s brother, James Biden, several associates from Biden’s business ventures, and tax attorneys from the Justice Department who had a hand in overviewing Hunter’s tax computation and filing over the years.

Jordan also outlined a potential slew of officials who were previously in discussions about pressing charges against Hunter. These include people who were active in framing cases against him. A systemic abuse of power is what Jordan labeled the alleged ongoing malpractices, likely initiating from around the year 2015, when Hunter was first offered a position on the board of the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma.

Jordan expressed, ‘While we are yet to confirm if there will be any formal allegations, the case as it stands now presents a compelling argument.’ He further noted that potential charges against President Biden could span bribery, power misuse, and hindrance of justice.

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‘The final decision will be taken after a careful analysis of all facts,’ he assured reporters. In his opinion, Jordan expressed that the current predicament involving President Biden paralleled the charges levied against former President Donald Trump by Democrats back in 2019.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), during a recent interview on Fox News, revealed that he is confident of mustering sufficient GOP votes favoring an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Johnson stated, ‘I am quite confident of our stance.’ He hinted, however, that it was unlikely that any Democrats would offer their support in this endeavor, though, in his opinion, they ought to.

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Johnson remarked during his interview that this probe was an ‘essential step’ and added ‘It’s an action we’re compelled to undertake at present.’ He pointed out that their three respective committees — Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means — have been effectively tracing the evidence to its trail end.

He also stated that he has evidence of the White House obstructing the process by impeding the participation of two or three witnesses from DOJ who were expected to reveal crucial facts. Johnson hinted at instances where even the former White House counsel and the National Archives were manipulated. Allegedly, the White House has been successful thus far, in managing to withhold thousands of pieces of evidence, creating a serious impediment for the investigation.


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