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Homeless Rates Under the Biden Administration Have Hit an All Time High

Record-Breaking Homelessness: A Call for Urgent Action and Sustainable Solutions


The issue of homelessness in our nation is drawing heightened attention given a recent report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), indicating a record number of Americans lacking a fixed place to call home.

The HUD’s report, unveiled last Friday, reflects a 12% increase in homelessness between 2022 and 2023. This unsettling pattern dovetails with rising living costs, specifically the surge in rental and housing prices, and the winding down of pandemic-related relief.

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The report’s hard numbers paint a stark image of the burgeoning crisis. One single night in January 2023 accounted for approximately 653,000 individuals without housing, a figure unparalleled since homelessness began being recorded in 2007. Setting a sobering new record, homelessness has seen an upward trajectory with an additional 70,000 people impacted according to the report.

Delving further into these figures, it was found that a significant influx of people were first-time homeless. This segment reportedly rose by 25% across the federal fiscal years of 2021 and 2022. The evidence is thus increasingly pointing to a rising issue in American society, irrespective of the reasons for its precipitation.

“Homelessness is a problem we can, and should, solve on American soil,” offered HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge during the press release. Fudge also outlined the considerable efforts made by the current administration since its tenure commencement, to get to grips with the housing crisis.

The HUD Secretary dwelt on the fervor and commitment accompanying the efforts to tackle this pervasive issue by the Administration, saying, “Our resolve, from the first day, has been to create a wide-ranging plan to combat homelessness. Our approach involves an aggressive and harmonized strategy, in partnership with our federal, state, and local allies, designed to rise to this exigent challenge.”

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She went on to accentuate both the progress that has been made and the journey that still lies ahead. Fudge said, “While we are proud of the strides we have made, we are cognizant of the reality that there is still a long road ahead of us. These statistics shine a spotlight on the immediate need for continued backing of the tested solutions and pre-emptive strategies that help people quickly transition out of homelessness and preclude homelessness from happening in the beginning.”

The reality of the problem is not geographically isolated. On the contrary, the issue of homelessness is becoming increasingly pervasive in various regions across the nation. Large urban centers, especially, appear to be particularly affected by this societal problem.

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High population centers are not immune to this issue and, in fact, are experiencing higher concentrations of homelessness. The cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Portland are among the affected locations enduring an increased number of homeless individuals. These metropolitan areas are grappling with the complex and multifaceted issue of homelessness within their jurisdictions, demonstrating the broad scope of the crisis.

Following the release of the report by HUD, the news quickly generated responses and reactions from various corners. In one instance, the Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to HUD for its insights on the matter.

Responding to the outreach, HUD guided the Daily Caller News Foundation towards the press release that was issued in the wake of the report. The information contained therein tackled the key findings of the report and offered HUD’s perspective on the issues identified, ideally providing the requested clarity for the news agency.

In the wake of the report’s release, the White House was also approached by news outlets seeking its stance on these pressing developments. However, there was no immediate response to the media’s request for a comment from the Executive branch.

At the heart of the report and its fallouts, the message remains clear. The issue of homelessness in America is not an abstract concept but a present-day crisis that is affecting a large number of Americans. The scope and scale of the issue underscore the urgent necessity to employ effective strategies and harness the necessary resources to address and alleviate the problem.

The reaction of the administration, as outlined by Secretary Fudge, reveals their awareness about the gravity of the issue and the urgency of the response required. The administration remains firmly committed to ensuring that homelessness is a temporary condition for anyone affected and that the strategies put forward can help prevent more individuals from experiencing this harsh reality.

While the scale of the problem may seem overwhelming, the release of the report has helped to underline the dimensions of the crisis at hand. It serves as a lucid reminder that homelessness is a tangible issue that calls for comprehensive strategies, seamless collaboration at the federal, state, and local levels, and the application of lessons learnt from prior successes.

Ultimately, the goal remains steadfast: to drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate, homelessness in the United States. This may be an ambitious target, but it’s one that echoes the fundamental morals of our nation and the administration is committed to striving towards it. And as we move forward, we must continue to keep these pressing issues at the heart of our conversations and public policy discussions, thus ensuring that every citizen has a place they can call home.


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