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Hip-Hop Star Meek Mill Attacks Joe Biden’s Age and Supports Trump 2024

‘Wait Till Yall See Who The Black People In Poverty Voting For’


On the outset of the week, hip-hop artist Meek Mill intensely questioned the capability of President Joe Biden, citing concerns that his advanced years could potentially pose a risk to the United States’ global standing.

He vociferously expressed his perspective on Twitter by stating, ‘There’s something amiss with the American system that we are subscribing to this notion that it’s reasonable to entrust the leadership of our nation to someone of such age, especially when we are dealing with issues when it comes to modernized weaponry, cutting-edge technology, and various forms of warfare that require both sound body and mind… This is not a suitable arena for the elderly.’

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This commentary emerged in response to tweets from the commentator Greg Price, which noted that Biden had assured reporters a few days earlier of having sent Iran a stern warning. Despite such assurances, a US consulate and airport in Northern Iraq soon faced Iranian-led attacks.

A second part to Meek Mills’ critique was aimed at the proverbial mental fortitude of Biden. His contention wasn’t fueled by a desire for humor but rather a serious concern for the future. Meek Mill wants to underscore the importance of the mental readiness of the nation’s highest office holder.

Meanwhile, there’s been buzz about Meek Mill possibly voicing support for a 2024 Trump run, or at least showing empathy for those in the black community who may choose to vote for Trump. Reacting to a video clip featuring Vivek Ramaswamy at a New Hampshire event with Trump, he cryptically tweeted, ‘Hang in there till you see which way the impoverished African American voters go in the 2024 elections.’

It’s noteworthy that Meek Mill isn’t the only influential voice in the music industry expressing support for Trump’s political future. As per past reportage by the DC Enquirer, another rapper, Wocka Flocka Flame, hasn’t been shy about his pro-Trump sentiments, tweeting a clear and uncomplicated ‘TRUMP 2024.’

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The artists’ takes are certainly not all for naught, given how the weight of Trump’s political prowess continues to linger strong. Polling data from Real Clear Politics suggests Trump’s prevalence over Biden in recent nationwide polls.

Given these circumstances, it’s only logical for those on the extreme left side of the Democratic party to seek any possible advantage they can get their hands on politically. Indeed, they might even have the audacity to pursue indictments against their most formidable political adversary.

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However, should the Republicans manage to present a compelling vision for the future and level appropriate critiques at the current administration’s foreign policies, they could conceivably witness a far-reaching impact in 2024. After all, our great nation’s future hinges on it.


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