HILARIOUS Anti-Bud Parody Goes Viral

A Bud Light Parody Featuring ‘BUD GAY’ Depicted Below

As the Bud Light boycotts continue, more Parody videos have began to surface. A new viral video trend pokes fun at the type of people who drink Bud Light. The site responsible for the stickers in these videos is

As you can see in the videos below, as part of the trend, someone will place the ‘Bud Gay’ sticker, which is a parody of Bud Light, on a case of Bud Light and wait for a customer to come and buy the product. One of them is depicted as a crazed person worried about Covid wearing a hazmat suit and the other is looks like a regular man but then when he goes to pick up the Bud Light case it is revealed that he is wearing a thong.  The direct link for the stickers is

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