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Harris Responds to Survey She Is Worst Vice President In History

Poll Determines Harris as Most Negatively Rated Vice President in American History

Vice President Kamala Harris


Vice President Kamala Harris has addressed the results of a recent poll that positioned her as the most negatively rated second-in-command in American history.

During an interview with ABC News reporter Linsey Davis following the survey, Harris voiced her disagreement with the findings and asserted that she enjoys a ‘great’ level of approval across the nation. Davis approached the question, along with Harris’ unfavorable ratings, from the perspective of ‘race’ and ‘gender.’

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Smiling, Harris responded, ‘There are also polls indicating that I have outstanding approval ratings.’ She emphasized that detractors aim to divert attention away from the accomplishments of the administration.

Harris highlighted the fact that the administration has successfully generated over 13 million jobs since taking office. However, it should be noted that a significant number of these positions resulted from people re-entering the workforce after the pandemic.

Harris turned the spotlight to the Biden-Harris team’s responsibility for introducing 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the United States, not to mention their efforts to restore America’s reputation on the global stage.

According to an NBC News poll conducted last month, Kamala Harris received the lowest approval rating ever recorded for a vice president.

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The report revealed that a mere percentage of registered voters held a positive view of Harris, while the majority, 49%, expressed a negative opinion, with 39% stating a ‘very negative’ view. With a net-negative rating of -17, Harris holds the record for the lowest approval rating among vice presidents in the history of the poll.

Comparatively, the report mentioned that Mike Pence managed to avoid reaching Harris’ net negative 17 approval rating during the entire coronavirus crisis.

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Historically, other vice presidents have fulfilled liaison roles, supporting political leaders who were relatively new to the political scene, such as governors or senators with limited experience, like Barack Obama.

The Washington Examiner article stated that these running mates offered a perceived ‘electability’ factor.

It acknowledged that the inclusion of an older white man on Obama’s ticket was partly influenced by concerns over racial anxieties, and Pence’s evangelical background crucially solidified support among college-educated conservatives who were initially skeptical of the twice-divorced celebrity businessman.

In assessing Vice President Harris’ performance, the Washington Examiner argued that a good vice president serves a purpose beyond merely aiding their superior’s success.

Apart from fundraising, Harris has yet to define her role, a fact that is reflected in her poor approval ratings. The NBC News poll discovered that 39% of respondents hold a ‘very negative’ opinion of Harris. This low approval rating could potentially impact President Joe Biden’s chances in the 2024 presidential election.

Thomas Gift, associate professor of Political Science at University College London (UCL) in the U.K., voiced that Harris’ influence on the ticket’s success will largely depend on the Republican nominee.

‘If the nominee is Trump, her impact will be minimal due to the stark contrast in the presidential choices,’ Gift shared.

He further stated that ‘if it’s another GOP nominee, then the prospect of Harris assuming the role of Vice President may be sufficient to sway a few voters to the opposing side.’

While it is evident that Harris’ approval ratings are trailing, the ultimate impact on the 2024 election outcome remains to be seen.


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