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Kamala Harris ‘Ready to Serve’ as Biden’s Age, Mental Acuity Under Scrutiny

Harris Signals Readiness Amid Growing Queries on Biden’s Cognitive Health

Vice President Kamala Harris

In a conversation published recently, Vice President Kamala Harris affirmed her readiness to undertake the presidential mantle amid rising questions regarding President Joe Biden’s capability to fulfill his duties. These remarks surfaced following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s inquiry into Biden’s management of confidential information. Hur’s investigation concluded that while Biden demonstrated difficulty recalling details from significant life events, criminal allegations were considered unwarranted.

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The investigation shed light on President Biden’s struggles with memory, particularly related to his time as vice president during Obama’s presidency, as well as the year in which his son passed away. This is noteworthy considering his frequent references to the loss of his son in his public talks. As a result, Biden attempted to assuage concerns regarding his cognitive abilities by arranging a press conference but it ended up raising more queries rather than answering them.

The press conference was marked by contentious exchanges with the press and missed details, which added to the alarm bells already ringing within the higher ranking Democrats. There exists a growing fear regarding Biden’s potential to maintain his role effectively, which if left unresolved, might tarnish his reputation among voters.

These concerns were brought up as a result of a recent poll indicating a significant 86% of Americans doubting Biden’s suitability for a second-term due to his advanced age, along with 76% of people voicing apprehensions about his cognitive wellbeing. The data from this survey portrays a larger narrative of public sentiment, putting into question the longevity of Biden’s tenure.

Kamala Harris, during her interaction with The Wall Street Journal, was probed about the public concerns, triggering the need to confirm her readiness to step into the presidential role. She confidently asserted her preparedness to take the helm if the situation demanded.

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Harris voiced her confidence with the statement, ‘I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that’. She further emphasized that her capabilities become evident to anyone who witnesses her perform her duties. This viewpoint provides assurance in her potential as the next leader.

Jennifer Palmieri, having served under both Obama and Clinton administrations and participated in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, shared her observations with the Journal. According to her, the findings of Hur’s report highlighted the possible urgent requirement for Harris to step in as President.

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She argued that the anticipation surrounding Harris’s potential candidacy in 2024 has been expedited due to current events. The special counsel’s report has seemingly fast-tracked this process. Palmieri’s insights underline the increased focus on Harris’s potential ascension.

A poll conducted by Harvard CAPS / Harris showed an interesting trend if Biden decided to decline a re-election. Harris appears to lead the Democratic contenders at 15%, becoming the preferred candidate among democratic voters.

The Harvard CAPS / Harris poll showed Hillary Clinton trailing behind Harris with 8% of voter preference, followed by Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin, both standing at 7%. California Governor Gavin Newsom garnered 5% voter preference, and the remaining candidates faced dwindling support.

Despite this, polling data from NBC News last year painted a different picture of Harris’s popularity. This poll declared her as the lowest-ranked vice president in its history, with her rating standing at -17.

This poll featured ratings of previous vice presidents for comparison. Some of these include Dick Cheney with a positive ranking at +23, Al Gore at +15, Biden himself at +1, and Mike Pence with a slight negative rating at -4.

While both polls tell divergent stories about Harris’s potential and popularity, the recent events in the White House have undoubtedly shifted focus towards her capacity to lead. As the nation stands at this pivotal point, it appears that Harris’s readiness to serve will be a significant factor in the period ahead.


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