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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s Voting for Trump Regardless of What Happens

Greene Criticizes Biden Administration for Indictments Against Trump


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has strongly criticized the Biden administration and Democratic prosecutors for their repeated indictments of former President Donald Trump. However, she also expressed her unwavering support for Trump.

In a series of social media posts, Greene declared that she would continue to vote for Trump even if he faced imprisonment. The latest indictment by special counsel Jack Smith accuses Trump and his allies of conspiring to spread false claims about the 2020 election and attempting to overturn his defeat to President Biden.

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The indictment states that Trump and his allies made numerous false statements about the election results in the months following his loss. They also allegedly exerted pressure on former Vice President Mike Pence and state election officials to maintain their hold on power.

Republicans, including Trump himself, argue that these claims were no different than those made by Hillary Clinton and many Democrats following her loss to Trump in 2016. Clinton repeatedly claimed the election was ‘stolen’ and referred to Trump as an ‘illegitimate’ president.

Greene described the recent charges as ‘a communist attack’ on Americans’ right to choose their leaders. She firmly stated, ‘I will still vote for Trump even if he’s in jail.

This is an assault on America’s First Amendment, attempting to remove Trump from the ballots using a politicized Department of Justice. People recognize this for what it truly is.’

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Following the indictments, the Georgia Republican called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, not as political retaliation, but based on what she claims is a ‘mountain’ of corruption evidence.

‘Republicans need to open their eyes,’ Greene emphasized. She urged her party not to fall for media spin and interview pressures. She believes that impeachment of Biden is the right course of action due to his alleged criminal activities and the growing evidence against him.

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Additionally, Greene called for the expungement of Trump’s impeachments from the official record, stating that they are stains on the House of Representatives that should not be allowed to stand.

Greene also expressed her belief that the recent indictment of President Trump is a political assassination attempt by Joe Biden and his team to prevent his candidacy in the 2024 election.

She confidently stated, ‘The American people will reelect President Trump!’ It’s worth noting that Trump, as the current GOP front-runner, was impeached in 2019 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He faced impeachment once again in 2021 following the January 6th riot at the Capitol, where his supporters attempted to overturn Biden’s election victory.

Specifically related to the recent indictment, Trump has been charged with four felony counts for his alleged election subversion in 2020. Representative Greene shared a video on her platform, emphasizing that we are living in a ‘post-Constitution era.’

She expressed her concern about the dual standard that she believes suppresses American voices and hinders political equity. Additionally, she highlighted the challenges of ensuring a fair trial for Trump or any Republican leader in the predominantly left-leaning political environment of Washington, D.C.


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