Greene Asserts Impeachment Efforts Against DHS Secretary Mayorkas Over Border Security

Continued Struggle for Border Responsibility: Greene vs Mayorkas


Despite attempts by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to rally the Republican party into action against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, her efforts have so far landed on somewhat deaf ears.

Her quest to hold him accountable for what she perceives as an unchecked tide of migrants crossing the border illegally has not garnered the necessary support. Her first attempt at impeachment over an alleged lack of duty was not fruitful, but Greene plans to renew her efforts post-Thanksgiving, as revealed during a discussion with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo.

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“Different results are expected from the Republicans in Congress moving forward,” an assertive Greene shared on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’. Expressing her firm stance she stated, “Secretary Mayorkas needs to face impeachment and put an end to the unchecked influx of migrants. Americans are entitled to safety and the upholding of sovereignty.”

Greene also promised to bring back her impeachment articles aimed at Secretary Mayorkas, immediately after the holiday season. She expressed her determination to combat for border security and law enforcement, and threw a question to Congress, positioning it as a choice between safeguarding our homeland or supporting the current administration.

Her strong commitment was broadcast on Platform X, accompanied by a video clip from her Fox News interview. Her impeachment resolution was sent to the dedicated House Homeland Security Committee by eight of her fellow Republicans, alongside all voting Democrats. This committee is already looking into allegations of dereliction of duty against Mayorkas, which could potentially open the door for impeachment down the line.

In contrast, the DHS has openly dismissed such impeachment antics as ‘reckless’ from some members of Congress. Not all Republicans oppose the idea of impeaching Mayorkas, but they argue for a methodic approach that ensures his conviction in the Senate — a very demanding task at present.

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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) was one such Republican who expressed a desire for a procedure rooted in careful examination. His post on Platform X reflected his thoughts, where he stated, “Our vote was not to terminate the potential of impeachment but to proceed with a hearing and present our case to all of America…Impeaching Mayorkas today would have resulted in a Senate rejection.”

Observing the looming border crisis and the associated surge in drug trafficking, Greene insisted on swift action against Mayorkas. She alluded to the risk of potential terrorist threats and condemned the situation as ‘utterly outrageous’ while speaking to Bartiromo.

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A member of the Homeland Committee herself, Greene brought awareness to the ongoing hearings that are awash with emotional testimonies from parents who lost their children to drug violence. Speaking out, she questioned the threshold for action, exclaiming, “How many American lives will it take before Congress takes the situation seriously, and acts on impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas?”

Known colloquially as ‘MTG’, Taylor Greene provides an exploration in her upcoming book into why she thinks Republicans fall short in delivering on voter demands. She tackles this in a chapter titled ‘What is the GOP doing?’, a portion given exclusively to ‘Washington Secrets’, a column in the Washington Examiner.

The chapter posits that the Republican party hesitates to make bold moves, fearing repercussions. It highlights the apprehensions of losing influence, facing retaliation, and incurring undesirable consequences. Greene asserts that this culture of fear stifles everyone, ranging from Congress members to officials of the law, asserting that their inaction comes at a cost to the public.

Greene’s critique of her colleagues was unflinching, with the Examiner making note that her position allowed for such honest evaluations. The fact that she was re-elected with a landslide victory of 65.9% in the House GOP caucus also reinforces her stance, not being indebted to anyone within her caucus for her influential position.

‘The conservative backbone is primed and ready; the issues are acknowledged and the demand for change is palpable. But repeatedly, we, along with other conservatives championing an America-first agenda, return to our districts filled with frustration and helplessness,’ Greene declared, attributing the party’s inability to bring about changes to a lack of collective determination.


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