Greene Accuses AG Garland of Bias, Calls for Impeachment Action

Congresswoman Greene Remains Steadfast in Pursuit of Biden Administration Accountability


Redoubtable Georgia congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has ardently advocated for the expansion of the impeachment target list to encompass more incumbents within President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

Greene’s forthright declaration underscores her proposition concerning the critical need for impeachment procedures against the Attorney General Merrick Garland. Additionally, she proposes U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves to be included in the impeachment proceedings.

Renowned for her political courage, Greene publicly chided Garland through a fresh tweet, wherein she expressed her dissatisfaction with his handling of major political figures.

Her accusations delve into Garland’s alleged nonchalant attitude towards prosecuting Joe and Hunter Biden, while he simultaneously pursues lawsuits against former President Trump and a myriad of conservative individuals.

Greene is convinced that this allegedly skewed approach constitutes a serious misdemeanor and hence, is adequate grounds for an impeachment.

Greene perceptibly conveyed that such injustices are insupportable. Her plea to maintain justice articulated the urgent call to divest such ‘intruders of power’ while highlighting Garland’s glaring inability to impartially enforce justice.

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The continuation of this kind of disproportionate enforcement, she posits, threatens the integrity of the judicial system.

Turning the spotlight onto President Biden, Greene’s resolve remained unyielded as she revealed her attempt at launching an impeachment process against him shortly after his ascension to office.

In her revelation, she succinctly states, ‘Subsequent to his first full day in office, I had formally lodged Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden.’

Greene, known for her tenacity, affirms ‘Our factual awareness regarding many of Joe Biden’s culpabilities was extant even back then, however, now six months into a GOP-dominated House, an absolute treasure trove of additional information has been unearthed all thanks to the relentless efforts put in by @GOPOversight.’

The congresswoman is eager to leverage this new-found knowledge to challenge the Biden administration.

In a recent stream of tweets, Greene dropped a rather unsettling hint around suspected illicit activities involving the President and his family.

She provocatively insinuates that, following the recent discovery of narcotics at the White House, one might have to confront the unsettling possibility of the Biden family being embroiled in ‘human trafficking’ allegations.

The White House’s reputation was put to the test just a week ago when illegal substances were discovered in the West Wing.

What is yet to be unveiled? it’s worth reflecting on whether or not we shall uncover evidence of the Biden family’s participation in an underground market exploiting Ukrainian and Russian nationals in disregard for human rights.

Could it be possible that Joe Biden permitted himself to be swayed by a pay-to-play scheme from a foreign source, acquiring millions in the process?

Further extending her critique, Greene went on to challenge President Biden’s decision to bypass a congressional ban to deliver controversial military material to Ukraine.

She penned a detailed tweet encompassing her rising concerns around this occurrence, ‘President Biden wielded his power granted by the Foreign Assistance Act to sidestep a congressional ban, shipping a staggering number of contentious cluster munitions over to Ukraine.

Supposedly, this controversial and risky move was justified by the assertion of ‘vital U.S. national security interests’ being at stake.

More than 120 nations, most of which being NATO members, have banned the use of these cluster munitions. The safety of the American people and the national security interests of the United States are not directly threatened by the situation in Ukraine.

However, when our President bypasses Congress and recklessly sends such volatile weaponry to Ukraine, it could be perceived as a U.S. war escalation. This could potentially lead us into an undesired conflict with nuclear-armed Russia, ultimately jeopardizing American security.

One attentive citizen voiced his agreement with Greene’s concerns, calling Biden’s maneuver regarding the cluster bombs an ‘impeachable’ act. Vigorously asserting his viewpoint, he deplores, ‘It seems like we are observing yet another impeachable offense while the most corrupt president in our nation’s history is apparently granted carte blanche. Mere words are insufficient. We demand corrective action.’

Last month, Greene expressed her perplexity in an interview about why a GOP majority in the House hadn’t initiated impeachment proceedings against Biden, despite the accumulation of alleged corruption evidence. Greene confessed her bafflement, saying, ‘Honestly, it’s a mystery. The very fact leaves me at a loss for words.’

In the same conversation with Breitbart News, Greene revealed that she had fervently taken this issue up with her colleagues. She was seen actively communicating with her associates, fervently stressing the urgency to set impeachment processes into motion against Biden, indicating her fierce resolve.

Full of determination, Greene was quoted as saying, ‘The necessity to impeach Biden needs to be demonstrated in the House to assert tangible proof of our fortitude to our electorate. It’s a matter of establishing our readiness to introduce an era of accountability.’

Greene, drawing on her strong conservative convictions, questioned, ‘If we decide to shirk from this endeavor, how should we then expect to secure their votes?’ Her astute observation signifies the need to justify the conservative party’s right to garner votes. The congresswoman strives to invigorate her party while endorsing the principles of conservative governance.

In echoes of her continuing assertiveness, Greene remains a potent voice for conservatives, committed to holding accountable those who serve in high public offices. Her persistent pursuit of a just balance of power signifies her relentless vigilance over the nation’s core democratic values.


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